Is It Too Late To Quit Smoking?

Many people, especially older people think to themselves “why should I stop smoking? It has already been so long, why quit now.” A lot of times, seniors will think that it is too late to quit smoking, but it is actually the opposite. There are many benefits and reasons to stop smoking, even in your 60’s. Research has shown that seniors who quit smoking lowered their chances of dying.

It is never too late to quit smoking.
Seniors are known to smoke more cigarettes with a higher nicotine content than newer smokers.

Cigarette smoking leads to about 30% of cancer deaths in the U.S. According to the CDC, more than 16 million Americans have a disease caused by smoking, and that smokers die on average 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.

Did you know that people who quit smoking get colds and flus less than those who still smoke? You also reduce your risk of a heart attack, stroke, chronic lung disease, and cancer when you quit smoking. Smoking has been linked as a major risk factor in 6 out of 14 causes of death.

Research shows that older smokers tend to smoke more than younger ones, and the cigarettes they do smoke contain higher nicotine. The studies also show that people who quit within their 60’s reduced their risk of death by 23%. This may not seem like a lot, but as we age and get older, the more susceptible we are to getting sick, hurt, or dying. A 23% chance to continue living is better than nothing.

While the best solution is to never begin smoking, there are just as many benefits to stopping. It only takes 20 minutes from the moment you decide to stop smoking, to feel better because your blood pressure immediately starts to drop. Within 12 hours, you will feel as if you can breathe a little better since the carbon monoxide levels in your body drop back to normal. The health benefits and good feelings only intensify within the next few weeks when your levels return to near pre-smoking levels.

The number of cigarettes the average smokers smokes increases as they age.
It is never too late to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can be hard at times, and many smokers have tried to quit multiple times in their life. There is no doubt that there will be challenges, but there are some things you can do to quit. Voice your decision to your doctor and they can suggest the different options that can help you to quit. There are local programs you can go to for support, and you can seek nicotine replacement packs or medication.

Some people smoke out of habit, while others do it to destress. Take up a hobby or new activity to replace smoking and relieve stress. Yoga and other forms of exercise may help you find peace and take your mind off what is going on, plus you get the added benefits of exercising!

We all have our flaws where we say we will start to do better for ourselves tomorrow, or next week, or the beginning of the month. But there is not better moment than right now to quit smoking.


Uber Launching ‘Uber Health’

Uber has announced a new business line called Uber Health that will provide a ride-hailing platform for healthcare providers. Uber is offering to take patients to their medical appointments, as long as they are operating in the area. The health care providers that will use this business will be the ones billed for the services, not the patients.


Health care providers can set up car ride appointments within a few hours or up to thirty days in advance for patients. In order to ensure anyone can use this service, Uber has stated that the patient will not be required to have the Uber app or a smartphone. The company will use text messages to coordinate the rides, and they will have the ability to utilize both mobile and landline features to communicate with patients.


A centralized dashboard will let providers in the healthcare industry be able to assist their patients with transportation that is in compliance with HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability. The health provider will put in the client’s name, number, pick up and drop off locations, and then choose one of Uber’s ride-hailing vehicle type. The client will receive a text message or voice call notifying them of the booking. The system has a management system that will keep track of all of the billing and reporting.


Uber began testing the platform last summer with over 100 healthcare providers signing up including clinics, hospitals, rehabs and physical therapy centers. The reason for starting the service is due to statistics claiming that 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because they lack reliable transportation.


“There are a lot of people out there who are not going to the doctor simply because they can’t physically make it there,” said Uber Health executive Jay Holley.


“If there are people who are missing their appointments because they’re using an unreliable bus service to get to and from their healthcare provider, this is a great solution for them,” Chris Weber, general manager of Uber Health, told in an interview. “The types of individuals this is valuable for really is limitless.”


“Uber’s endeavors into health care trace back to 2014, when Uber first offered on-demand flu shots in large markets across the U.S.,” he said, regarding the genesis of the focus on health within Uber. “Since then there have been similar efforts throughout the world, from diabetes and thyroid testing in India to subsidized rides for breast cancer screening in the U.S., to many more. That said, all of these efforts have been pop-ups.” This all led them to figure out a way to make a more permanent solution to reducing missed appointments.


In order to comply with HIPAA, Uber drivers will not be told or aware that they are driving someone that is using Uber Health. The drivers will have a limited amount of information such as the passengers’ name, and their pickup and drop off points.


Uber wanted to make it clear that they are not a replacement for an ambulance or for emergency situations. They will not be sent to transport people who need immediate attention. Uber hopes to help lessen the gap of Americans missing their doctor appointments, and focus on wheelchair accessibility for those who need it. Weber said, “It’s definitely something we’re focused on making a better, more reliable experience, but as of now this is really focused on reaching out to the existing driver network.” Uber is hoping to expand in more than 250 cities in the U.S. and make this new line of business successful.


There Is NO Open Enrollment For Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance Does Not Have a Deadline

Many senior citizens think that the Medicare Open Enrollment period is the only time they can purchase a Medicare Supplement plan. But, there is no deadline to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance. During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, everyone is busy picking a plan that is best for them. Some retirees rush into a new plan without focusing on the coverage, and some may miss the period. Missing the period does not mean you miss the opportunity to change or purchase a plan. You can change or buy it year round.

In order to actually sign up for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you must be 65 and have Original Medicare. You are most eligible to be guaranteed issue rights when purchasing a plan six months from when you turn 65. Guaranteed issue is the protected right that an insurer cannot deny you or raise rates due to pre-existing conditions.

While there is no deadline to buy or change a Medicare Supplement Plan and anyone eligible is able to buy a plan any time of the year, it comes with a catch. Medicare Supplement Insurers do have the right to ask you questions regarding your health. They can then determine if they want to insure you, deny you, or raise your rates due to pre-existing conditions. This is possible because you will not have guaranteed issue rights.

Picking a Medicare Supplement Plan can be a long and tough process. There can be questions you have about the coverage, costs, and the different types of plans. EZ.Insure offers you a trained one on one agent to assist in figuring out the process, coverage, and sign you up. We compare all plans for you, and find the best prices. Enter your zip code in the bar above to receive quotes, or contact your own advisor by calling 855-220-1144, or e-mailing We promise to provide the best service with no obligations, it’s that easy!