There Is NO Open Enrollment For Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance Does Not Have a Deadline

Many senior citizens think that the Medicare Open Enrollment period is the only time they can purchase a Medicare Supplement plan. But, there is no deadline to purchase Medicare Supplemental Insurance. During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period, everyone is busy picking a plan that is best for them. Some retirees rush into a new plan without focusing on the coverage, and some may miss the period. Missing the period does not mean you miss the opportunity to change or purchase a plan. You can change or buy it year round.

In order to actually sign up for a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan, you must be 65 and have Original Medicare. You are most eligible to be guaranteed issue rights when purchasing a plan six months from when you turn 65. Guaranteed issue is the protected right that an insurer cannot deny you or raise rates due to pre-existing conditions.

While there is no deadline to buy or change a Medicare Supplement Plan and anyone eligible is able to buy a plan any time of the year, it comes with a catch. Medicare Supplement Insurers do have the right to ask you questions regarding your health. They can then determine if they want to insure you, deny you, or raise your rates due to pre-existing conditions. This is possible because you will not have guaranteed issue rights.

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