Who We Are

When it comes to getting Health insurance all companies are the same right? Wrong. At EZ.Insure we Understand the aggressive marketing and confusion in Medicare. Your Options are confusing, the plans are confusing, the piles of marketing mail you receive is confusing. Here is a suggestion. STOP! Call us. We can help you understand your Medicare options and make this process easy for you. Do not fill your information out Online. Give us a call. When you work with us we make sure you’re dealing with one and only one agent.
The agent we pair you with will have the ability to:

  • Comparing Plans to find the one that fits your needs
  • Helping you get insurance companies lower their prices to get your business
  • Assist you through the Health Plan enrollment process
  • Offering you support in the future with any Health Care issues you might encounter

Our service is focused on the customer and making sure that you feel supported throughout your health plan shopping journey, not on making money off of your confusion.
We offer instant results along with our custom service. As soon as you submit a form and reach out to us you will see a photograph of the agent we have chosen for you based on your needs, and you will have the ability to see online quotes that they offer instantly. Before you even speak to an agent you will know who they are, some of the companies they work directly with, and what some of the plan prices they offer are.
That is the difference between us and the other guys. We want to help you, not use you to make a profit. If you put your trust in us we guarantee a smooth transaction with one of our agents, and the highest rate of savings on the market. There is no hassle, no obligation to buy, and no more headaches!

About The Author:
Cassandra Love

With over a decade of helpful content experience Cassandra has dedicated her career to making sure people have access to relevant, easy to understand, and valuable information. After realizing a huge knowledge gap Cassandra spent years researching and working with health insurance companies to create accessible guides and articles to walk anyone through every aspect of the insurance process.