Importance of Personal Hygiene

Good personal hygiene can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself, both physically and mentally. As you age continuing to be social is an important part of keeping your mind as young and healthy as possible. A part of being social is making sure that you are keeping up with your personal hygiene. As we age personal hygiene becomes even more important. Things as simple as washing your hands with soap and water consistently will protect you from catching viruses that your body might have been able to fight off previously.

Washing your hands is the best way to avoud bacteria from entering the body.
Washing your hands is the best way to avoud bacteria from entering the body.

Taking care of your skin is critical as we become older because it becomes more thin and fragile, making it easier for germs to invade the body. The skin is the body’s defense system against infection, which is why it is important to remove bacteria by washing your hands and moisturizing to ensure a healthy quality of life. Professionals say that as you age you should bathe at least once a week to maintain hygiene health.

It can be hard to remember smaller things in relation to personal hygiene as you age, and you might need some help when it comes to keeping up with your hygiene. Help can be anything from assistance from a relative, or setting up routines and reminders that keep you on track. If you find yourself struggling with personal hygiene, it is important to pinpoint why exactly what is whether it be a physical issue or a mental one.

Factors that can lead to poor personal hygiene are:

Memory Loss-When experiencing memory loss, seniors can often forget whether they have completed a task or not. . Some seniors may think that they showered not too long ago when in reality it could’ve been days ago. A way to keep yourself on track would be to hang a calendar in your bathroom. This way you can mark off when you do shower so that even if you forget you have it written down and can check any time you want.


A lot of seniors will go through depression as they age and their health declines. Depression can lead to less interest in your appearance, and can eventually lead to isolation from friends and family. If you find yourself distancing yourself from the people and things you once loved you should consider talking to someone. Talk to your doctor about the way you have been feeling and considering getting help with your depression. This can help you get back to the people and things you loved so that you can continue to live a normal happy life.

Weakened Senses

Our weakened senses do not allow us to smell our body scent, resulting in too much perfume. Shower regurarly.
Sometimes we can spray too much cologne/perfume due to weakened sense of smell. Showering regularly can battle this.

Aging can lead to weakened senses of hearing, eyesight, and smell. The senses of smell and taste diminishes over time, which is why seniors are often less disturbed by bad smells. This is often why you might find yourself putting on more perfume than you used to. The recipe for the perfume has not changed, your sense of smell may have just gotten weaker. This can sometimes cause an overwhelming smell for the people around you. To make sure you are not overdoing it with perfumes, put it on and remember the number of sprays you use, then ask someone close to you if your scent is too strong. If it is use less sprays next time, if it is not you are on the right track and will always know you smell great regardless of what your nose cannot pick up anymore.

Mobility Issues

Physical challenges can lead to health issues due to the fear of falling. If this is the issue, it is important to seek assistance from a loved one if possible, an in-home care agency, or a nurse. Consider installing handrails, grab bars, non-slip adhesives, or a shower stool in the shower in order to stay safe if you have poor balance. Make sure to have everything ready before bathing such as shampoos, washcloths, and a towel. Always ask for help or assistance if you cannot do it alone to in order to avoid any serious falls or injuries.

Do not feel embarrassed to ask for help, your family and friends want you to be as healthy as possible, and are most of the time always willing to help.

When it comes to oral hygiene, make sure to visit your dentist every six months or more to check for gum disease. Make sure your dentures are checked and fit properly if you have them. Brush your teeth twice a day and switch to an electric toothbrush for ease. Use mouthwash at least once a day in order to reduce bacteria in your mouth as well as prevent gum disease.