Mom Bod: Love It, Rock It!

You stand there in the mirror, picking out the negative things about your post-baby body: loose skin here, stretch marks there, and cellulite everywhere. You reminisce about the body you had before having kids, and wish you had it back. You are not the only mom that feels this way; we all do. There is such a high expectation for moms to “snap back” after their baby, but it is not realistic for most. It is a mountain of work both taking care of your kids and keeping it all together, whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. It may be hard to get your body back, and even when you do, there will be some forever changes. But this does not mean you can not rock your new mom bod! There is a body positive movement going on for mom bods, and I am loving it.

Caucasian belly with stretch marks on it. mom bod.
Every mom bod is beautiful, even with the excess skin, and stretch marks. Embrace your scars and rock the body that gave you beautiful life.

Being Healthy Is More Important

It is hard enough for some women who deal with postpartum depression, and adjusting to having a newborn. On top of that, the body changes add one more challenge. A lot of women try fad diets, and overdo it at the gym in order to reverse what happened post-birth. Some women starve themselves, just to get back to their ideal body weight. What is important is being healthy. Do not obsess over fitting into your pre-baby jeans. Definitely do not compare yourself to other moms, because everyone is wired differently genetically. Some of my friends would just carry their baby weight literally all in their belly, and after having the baby, within a month bam! They looked like their previous selves.

Some women can work out while they are carrying a baby, while others may not due to complications. Some women have a thyroid problem and struggle with their weight and managing it. Some, like myself, just wanted to enjoy being pregnant and take advantage of the “eating for two” concept. Everyone’s story is different. What matters is being healthy. Fad diets will only harm you and your baby. Do what you can, workout when you can, and eat as healthy as possible. 

You Are Valuable, Despite Your Shape

“I can’t wear a bathing suit.” “I am full of excess skin.” “I do not look good.” “I need more baggy shirts.”

These are just a few things I would say to myself. It took me a long time to accept the body I was left with after having two kids. It is not easy, but with all the body positivity about mom bods lately; it’s becoming easier. Even celebrities share their wide array of mom bods after having babies, reminding us that we are more than just our bodies. We

Caucasian woman with curly hair bending down and holding a little girl with curly hair.
What is important is how your children see you. They see you as perfect, and so should you.

created little human beings. Our value as mothers relies on our babies needing us, and who we are. My heart is filled with so much happiness and joy from my children, and that should be enough. 

Your children see you as Wonder Woman all the time, and do not see your body flaws. They will not remember what size you wore, but rather the fun that you had with them. Children just want a happy mom, not a fit, skinny one.

Moms continue to be amazing strong human beings, who continuously sacrifice for their children, and family. That is enough to be thankful for, and not let our body image get us down. We do not all look the same, and life has shaped our bodies perfectly. After all, your body made and carried a whole human being. That is pretty badass. Show off our “scars,” because they show that you are unique and amazing. Wear that bathing suit! Men can wear battle wounds and we think it’s hot, so why not think the same about ours?