What the No Surprises Act Means for You

One in five Americans have received a surprise medical bill from an emergency department, and another one in five have gotten unexpected bills from non-emergency hospital stays. Surprise medical bills have been a huge problem for Americans, but on January 1, 2022, the No Surprises Act took effect. This law establishes federal protections against most surprise medical bills that come after you receive out-of-network care during a hospital visit. Find out what the No Surprises Act means for you.

Surprise Bills

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Surprise bills can be scary and overwhelming, but now you can worry no more!

In some cases, when you receive medical treatment (especially in an emergency situation), you will be unable to choose the provider who treats you, and so you end up unexpectedly receiving care from an out-of-network provider. Or, you might visit an in-network facility, but unknowingly see an out-of-network provider during your stay there. 

Your insurance company will often pay some amount to the out-of-network provider, but typically less than the provider’s list price for the services. In most cases, the provider who treated you will then “balance bill” you for the difference between their list price and the insurer’s payment. In other cases, your insurer will offer little to no coverage of your unexpected out-of-network care. And in both of these scenarios, you’ll end up getting an unexpected bill, known as a “surprise” medical bill. 

Getting a surprise medical bill in the mail can be a source of a lot of anxiety for many people. Two out of three Americans say they worry about being able to afford unexpected medical bills, and nearly half can’t afford to pay surprise bills in full. 

Ending Surprise Bills

But the No Surprises Act will now make surprise medical bills a thing of the past. The law bans:

  • Surprise bills for most emergency services, even if you get them out-of-network and without approval beforehand.
  • Out-of-network cost-sharing (like coinsurance or copayments) for most emergency and some non-emergency services, so you can’t be charged more than in-network cost-sharing for these services.
  • Out-of-network charges and balance bills for certain additional services (like anesthesiology or radiology) administered by out-of-network providers as part of a patient’s visit to an in-network facility.

 In addition, according to the law, you can’t be asked to waive your protections against balance billing in emergencies or for certain non-emergency services, such as ancillary services (anesthesia, pathology, radiology) associated with emergency care, or diagnostic services such as radiology or labs. It will be up to medical providers and insurers to identify which bills are subject to the Act.

“This law puts an end to the practice of charging patients exorbitant bills for unexpected, out-of-network care,” Sen. Patty Murray, chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, said.

What the No Surprises Act Does Not Cover

Unfortunately, the bill does not ban all surprise and out-of-network bills. It will exclude: illustration of an ambulance

  • Ambulance rides– The law applies to air ambulances, but not ground ones.
  • Certain facilities– The law applies to hospitals and emergency departments, but not to other facilities, such as urgent care facilities.

If you are unsure if a bill you received in the mail falls under the No Surprises Act, or if you have general questions about the new law, contact the newly established No Surprises Help Desk at 800-985-3059.

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