Is Smiling The Secret To Happiness?

Some days are just rough, and can be both hectic and stressful. We’ve all been there; you snooze your alarm one too many times and end up late for work. Worse yet, there is traffic on the way, and you spill your coffee on your favorite shirt. Talk about a bad day.

When times are tough, the last thing on your mind is smiling, but did you know that every time you smile you send

“feel-good” signals to your brain? You might pass a stranger walking by that shares a smile, or you giggle at  something funny on your phone. That little bit can make a big difference in your psyche, and can improve your stressful, hectic day. Not only will your smile fight depression and stress, but it will make you more attractive and approachable to others. 

The Flow Of Endorphins

Every time that you smile, your body sends endorphins to your brain. The trick is to smile anyway, getting the chemicals to flow. These endorphins elevate your mood, making you feel happier. The neural messages sent to your brain boost neuropeptides like dopamine and serotonin. Smiling acts as an antidepressant, mood lifter, and as a

Young caucasian man with a beard at work smiling with a sticky note on his head that says "be happy"
Smiling makes you feel happier, less stressed, and more productive.

natural painkiller. 

Boosts Productivity

Smiling will boost your immune system because your body becomes more relaxed, and positive. It’s proven that stress lowers your body’s ability to fight illness. Besides the immune boost, this will cause you to become more productive as well. As mentioned, the neuropeptides boosted from smiling make you feel good. The less stress you experience, the more productive you become. Being happy boosts your productivity in the workplace, and in life. When you are happier, and less stressed, then you are more motivated to get things done.

Look Younger

People are constantly looking for the fountain of youth and try many remedies to look younger. A simple smile can do the trick. The muscles used to lift the face are the same used when you smile. In other words, instead of opting for a facelift, just smile more. Research has shown that smiling can make you look 3 years younger. 

It’s Contagious

Have you ever been in a bad mood and then a stranger, friend, or colleague passes you with a smile on their face? Chances are you smiled back. This is because the act of smiling is an unconscious, automatic response. A study published in the journal Neuropsychologia reported that seeing an attractive, smiling face activates your orbitofrontal cortex, the region in your brain that processes sensory rewards. This means that when you view a person smiling, you actually feel rewarded.

A smile has the power to not only make you feel better, but it also elevates the mood of others around you. 

It’s Attractive

Young caucasian woman with blonde hair , and glasses ooking back smiling
Smiling offers so many benefits toy our health, it is contagious, and makes you look more attractive, and more!

When you smile, people treat you differently. How so? You are viewed as more sincere, and attractive. Humans are naturally drawn to happy people who smile. When you smile, people view you as more confident, approachable, and easier to talk with. A smile draws people in. 

Smiling offers many benefits, not only to you, but to others around you as well. Even when a smile is forced, or unnatural, it can make a positive difference to your health and happiness. Just make sure to practice so you don’t send mixed signals.

There is magic behind a smile, so use your powers for good, and help others feel good! You will feel less stressed, others will enjoy your company, and you will look more attractive, and younger. October 4 is World Smile Day, so show those pearly whites and make the world a better place.