Dancing Keeps Your Brain Young!

You sit at a gathering, and you hear your favorite song come on. You scoot around in your chair, resisting the urge to get up and dance because you are either hesitant to get hurt, or feel embarrassed. Do not fight it, get up and dance! It just might help you live a richer life. Dancing provides seniors with so many health benefits. It keeps you moving, improves your brain health, gets you socializing, and is fun! Aging does not mean you can not cut a rug. With age comes physical and cognitive decline, which is inevitable. But that does not mean you can not find ways to

An older caucasian woman and older caucasian man holding hands dancing. Senior dancing.
Dancing leads to many benefits , keeping both your mind and body fit.

fight the decline. When the music starts playing, get up and jam. Studies show it will increase your quality of life from the multiple benefits it offers!

Fights Dementia

According to one study, seniors who danced regularly had a 76% reduced risk for developing dementia.

Fights Depression

Dancing has been proven to reduce feelings of depression, stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

Better Strength & Balance

When you think of dancing, it can remind you of balance and coordination. Over time, seniors who dance regularly have seen improvements in these plus strength. Your body’s muscle tone increases because you are exercising in various ways

Multiple different hands forming the shape of a heart.
Dancing improves heart function by lowering your blood pressure.

Protects Your Heart

If you have heart issues, dancing is one way to help get through them. Dancing raises your heart rate, and offers aerobic health advantages that are considered better than daily walking or cycling. No need for equipment, or a workout setting, just your dancing shoes and music to lower your blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

Sharpens Your Mind

Better reaction time and cognitive performance results from dancing. You have to remember choreography steps, which will help sharpen your memory skills, and help your brain work more efficiently.

Dancing is a form of exercise for all ages, and for some it is recreational. Whether you do it for fun, or for exercise, it is especially beneficial for you the older you get. So many benefits come from dancing, it is a great form of therapy, and a way to stay active. Sign up for some tango classes, and dance your worries away!

All Seniors Want For Christmas, Is Time With You!

We are taught at a young age that giving presents are how we express our love. But as we get older, we realize that it is not the materialistic presents that matter. What truly matters is the present of being present, showing love, and giving our time. This is especially true for the parents, grandparents, and older adults in our lives. The holidays can be loney for older adults who do not live near their families. The isolation brings up feelings of loneliness and sadness. People want to feel loved and appreciated, so instead of taking a trip to the mall, take a trip to your loved one’s house and spend more time with them. There is no better present you can give them.

The best gift you can give seniors during the hoidays is your time.
The best gift you can give seniors during the hoidays is your time.

It can be hard for some seniors to travel and join the holiday festivities with their family. If they can not make it, or have a hard time getting around, then take the time to go to them. You can make them feel like a part of the festivities. There are many things you can do together to enjoy each other’s time and have some fun.

Decorate Together

Helping put up decorations for the holidays is a thoughtful gesture, especially if your loved one has mobility issues or lives alone. Who wouldn’t love to see all the lights and decorations that brings joyfulness? Speaking of lights, you and your elderly loved one can take a care ride through the neighborhood to see all the holiday decorations. You can take the tour, enjoy each other’s company, and stop for some tea or hot chocolate.

Create A Tradition

You can start a family tradition such as game night every week.
You can start a family tradition such as game night every week.

Family game night anyone? Have a family game night once a week, or once a month with your loved one. If family game night is not your thing, then watch a holiday movie, sing some songs, or bake together. Share what is going on in your lives, and take pictures so the memory can last forever. Whatever tradition you choose to create, you can carry it on beyond the holidays with each other.

Paint The Town

A lot of times, your elderly loved one can not go out as often to enjoy the simple things, such as shopping. Either they are immobile, or just lonely. Go out and paint the town together if your loved one can manage! You can go out to eat, shop, volunteer, or just to take a stroll together. This will have a huge impact on your loved one’s mental health. The holidays are a time when some people get depressed, and overwhelmed. It is no different, or even worse for seniors who lost a spouse or friend, and are alone. Include them as much as you can, because this means more to them than you know. Your presence and showing you care can make a whirlwind of difference in their life.

St. Francis of Assisi said “for it is in giving that we receive.” Giving is one of the greatest acts we can perform. It brings others happiness, and it makes us feel good. In a world where people seek to get more than they give, be a giver. Offer your love and support to those who need it. The gift of our love and quality time is worth so much more than any material gift you give.