Preparing For Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Added Healthcare

Health insurance plans change from year to year. Sometimes prices will change, and coverage will change: some things will no longer be covered, and some benefits will be added to your plan. As you look into plans for next year, you might find some newly added healthcare benefits are now included, like telemedicine, which is now included due to the coronavirus pandemic. Telemedicine is just one of the newly added healthcare benefits to look out for in next year’s plans. The Open Enrollment Period is ending in less than 2 weeks, so now is the time to compare plans if you haven’t already.

Benefits To Look For:


doctor on a screen with caucsian hands holding it up

It always seems to happen during the weekend or when your doctor’s office is closed: you or your child gets sick. You then need to consider going to urgent care or the emergency room. The illness might not warrant an expensive trip to the emergency room, and you might want to avoid going to urgent care because of COVID-19. Luckily, with many new plans, you will not have to go to urgent care when an unexpected illness happens. Starting next year, many plans will give you the option to use telehealth to “see” a doctor 24/7 over the phone or on your tablet or laptop, so that you can get the care you need as soon as possible. Check with different health insurance companies to see if they are offering this benefit. 

Fitness Benefits

Want to get fit but don’t have the money to invest in a gym membership? Some 0health insurance companies will be offering fitness benefits as part of their plans. These benefits include incentives to get healthier, like paying a certain percentage of your gym membership’s monthly fees. Take control of your wellness, and feel happier and healthier, by taking advantage of this added healthcare benefit!

Chronic Condition Management

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Unfortunately, many Americans are dealing with some kind of chronic condition, such as respiratory disease, diabetes, or heart disease. The ongoing treatment for these conditions can become very expensive, because they require constant monitoring and medication. All health plans currently sold on the Marketplace cover chronic care management, but some are limited in what they cover. In general, most plans have some type of coverage for doctor visits, lab tests, prescriptions, preventive care, behavioral health services, rehabilitation services (including physical therapy) and hospital care related to your chronic condition. 

Luckily, as of January 1st, some health insurance companies will be expanding benefits for ongoing management of chronic conditions. With some plans, you will be given your own care manager who will work with you to coordinate care and help you manage your condition. 

Travel Coverage

Although it doesn’t seem like we will be doing much traveling anytime soon due to the pandemic, the time will come when we will start going on vacations and business trips again, and you might find that you need medical coverage for your trips. Your current plan probably requires you to purchase additional medical coverage before you travel, which most likely costs an arm and a leg. But many health insurance plans will begin to offer travel coverage to members at no extra cost next year. This type of coverage will include:

  • Medical emergency services: You will receive coverage for medical care such as medical referrals, emergency medical evacuation, prescriptions and more.
  • Travel emergency services: This will help with things such as lost luggage/documents, and will offer legal and interpreter referrals, as well as care of minor children and pets when experiencing a travel emergency.

Price Estimation Toolkeyboard with a purple button that says estimate on it

Starting next year, some companies will offer a price estimation tool that will help you budget better for the year. This tool will provide estimates of the price of medical procedures, surgeries, and prescription drugs. It will show you how much in-network healthcare providers charge for services and medications based on your specific plan. 

If you are interested in receiving all of these benefits, some of them, or even just one of them, then it is best to compare plans. It can be time consuming and confusing to figure out which plan will offer these benefits, and will also meet your financial needs. EZ.Insure offers free guidance in figuring it all out. We make the process easier by comparing all available plans in your area in minutes. We will compare plans and find one that includes the added benefits you might want/need, but is still in your budget. To get free instant quotes in minutes, simply enter your zip code in the bar above, or to speak to an agent, call 888-350-1890.

Traveling Outside of the US? Consider a Medicare Supplement for Coverage

Retirement is the perfect time to begin traveling and enjoying your freedom. Original Medicare will cover your medical needs while traveling within the United States and American territories- Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Medicare’s network of doctors and hospitals are large around the U.S. However, the moment you decide to travel internationally, Medicare will not cover you in case of an emergency or other medical needs you might have. This is when a Medicare Supplement will be useful, because it will save you money and give you the coverage you need while abroad.

What a Medicare Supplement Plan Covers

Medicare Supplement plans cover travel bills outside of the U.S.
Medicare Supplement can prepare you for any medical bills accrued while overseas.

Standard Medicare Supplement plans C, D, F, G, M, and N provide foreign coverage. These plans will cover emergency care during the first 60 days of your trip, and pays about 80% of the charges. For example, Medicare Supplement Plan F will be cover up to $50,000 in foreign medical bills. In order to begin coverage for these plans, you must meet your $250 deductible first. This coverage of $50,000 is available to you every time that you travel outside of the U.S. and its territories, it is not just a one time deal.

During your Initial Enrollment Period there is no underwriting, meaning you will not have to worry about pre-existing conditions used against you for pricing. This bonus is something to think about and consider, especially if you do have major pre-existing conditions. Having these benefits while outside of the country will protect your wallet and your health. It is always better to be safe and protected than pay thousands out of pocket later. Not to mention, Medicare Supplement plans will cover more than just international travel medical fees. These plans will help reduce costs of copayments, coinsurance and deductibles that Original Medicare does not cover.

Need help?

It is better to travel and actually have fun without this worry in the back of your mind. Accidents can happen, even if you are careful, which is the reason this coverage is essential to have when outside of the U.S. If you are considering traveling outside the U.S., interested in a Medicare Supplement plan, or just have questions regarding what is offered and the difference between all the plans, EZ.Insure can help. EZ.Insure has highly trained and knowledgeable agents in Medicare Supplement plans. An agent will be able to assess your situation and find you the most affordable Medicare Supplemental plan that suits your needs. To get a quote, you can enter your zip code in the bar above, email, and call 855-220-1144.