Do You Need Drone Insurance?

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

pilot with drone insurance flying a drone
Drones are fun, but they can get us into trouble. Like any company vehicle, make sure yours is properly insured.

Nope, it’s a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Commercial drone usage is growing because new products and services become accessible once your company purchases one. While they are useful, new technology opens up new possibilities, both positive and negative. Accidents happen even with the safest equipment. Consider purchasing drone insurance coverage when you upgrade your company with its own drone.

Remember when purchasing to make sure you are up to date with your city’s air codes, privacy laws, and vehicle operation licenses as these will be brought up in conversations with your insurance agent.  Purchasing a drone may also require hiring a trained drone pilot or remote controllers. With all of these additions, a wise employer will consider drone coverage. The freelance drone pilot should look into these policies as well.

Commercial Uses for Drone and Their Hazards


Drones fly at a low altitude, perfect for getting an amazing company picnic selfie. While they are considered unmanned aircraft, drones can trigger nuisance laws as people feel like they are invading their privacy. These claim types are in court at this very moment.  The drone’s reputation as an “eye in the sky” is a great selling point but comes as a double-edged sword.


Check to see if your Professional Liability insurance will cover privacy claims. Your Business Owner’s Policy will most likely need an addition for your drone.


These tiny aircraft are also great for gathering data, but this has them flying into spaces where people work. While the drone pilot may be experienced, accidents can still occur. You don’t want someone to be smacked in the shoulder by a drone and not have coverage. 


General Liability insurance for the drone or Worker’s Compensation in specific cases

drone insurance for drone flying in the sunset
There are different drone models available for any type of business. Which kind would you want to get and what would you use it for?


Another drone attribute is its property value. Like any technology, a properly insured piece will be a great asset for your company. Unlike other company property (unless your business owns aircraft), these handy robots should see more exposure to the elements and other hazards, making them more likely to fail due to durability issues or otherwise.


Property insurance


The last issue concern is due to the drone’s robotic nature. Drone operation does not have to be exclusively human. The aircraft operates via radio waves and some can carry onboard computers. This puts them at risk for cyber attacks as they may carry information on top of their guidance systems. A normal cybercrime may consist of perusing information on your laptop, but a drone cybercrime can have more physical consequences. Picture your drone, hacked and out of control, careening towards a group of people on the sidewalk. 


Cyber liability insurance

Experts speculate drones for commercial purposes to skyrocket in the near future due to their performance with millions predicted to cover US skies. Amazon is currently working with Prime Air, a drone delivery system that can bring Amazon goods to your doorstep in 30 minutes or less. Hospitals can use them to bring medicine quickly to ailing people, and photographers can capture great footage with ease. Their capabilities are sky-high, but so are the dangers. The insurance industry has taken these into account. So, don’t be caught without drone insurance.

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