You’ve Retired, Now What? Go Travel!

Now that you have retired, you are probably sitting around wondering what you should do with all of your free time. Save up some money, and go travel! Traveling has so many positive health benefits that promote social, mental, and physical well being. It’s a large world out there, go explore it! First, here are some tips, and ideas you can use before you hop on a plane!

Traveling boosts your mood, mental health, cognitive health, and physical health.
Traveling boosts your mood, mental health, cognitive health, and physical health.

Boost Your Brain & Mood

When you travel, whether alone or with a group, you will meet new people. Talking and socializing with people has been proven to actually lower your blood pressure, and minimize serious health risks like Alzheimer’s, cancers, mental health issues, and so much more! Experiencing new places allows your brain to challenge itself, which boosts your cognitive health. Your physical health obviously improves because you are up, moving around, such as walking, or hiking while sightseeing in a new place. Just be careful when hiking, so that you do not get injured. Traveling boosts your mental mood, making you feel happier and even offer better sleep at night.

Plan Ahead

  • Packing

If you are like me, then you tend to pack a lot of outfits and clothes for a short trip. It would be wise to sit down and plan it all out before you start packing. All that extra luggage can be annoying to lug around, and you may not have room for the essentials. Plan ahead, and make a list of medications you need and any other medical necessities. Have your doctor fill out a letter regarding your medications and why they are needed, just in case there is an issue with the airport. Once you have all of the important essentials packed, then you can worry about which outfits to pack, depending on the climate you are traveling to, of course.

  • Make sure to optimize your travels with doing a lot of research on prices, and best time to travel to places.
    Make sure to optimize your travels with doing a lot of research on prices, and best time to travel to places.

    Research, research, research!

Research is the most important thing you must do when you consider traveling, especially if you are going outside of the country. Research costs and the best time to go to your desired destination. Make sure it is not peak times during the year so that it is not overly crowded.

  • Better To Be Insured Than Not

It is easy to accidentally get hurt when hiking or exploring a new place. Accidents happen. This is why it is important to be insured while traveling. If not, it can end up costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in medical bills. Some Medicare Supplement Plans offer coverage while traveling outside of the U.S. Something to consider if you do not have it already.

  • Estimate Costs

Budgeting can be hard. Once you do all your research on the places you want to go, with hotels, flights, cruises, etc. then you can create a budget. The budget will have to focus on spending money on food, souvenirs (if you want), and extra just in case costs are higher than expected.

Go RVing!

Ever wanted to travel across the U.S. visiting all the national parks? Then an RV is the perfect choice for you. Visit all the towns, cities, and parks that you want to in an RV. In the beginning, renting out one may sound expensive, but it is less expensive as the trip goes on. Nothing but you, your spouse or a group of friends going on a cross-country journey together. Road trip!

Make sure to optimize your travels with doing a lot of research on prices, and best time to travel to places.
You can travel by train, and enjoy the scenic routes to different destinations.

Travel By Train

If you enjoy the scenic route, then train travel is the way to go. There are trains that travel cross country, and around the world. Other countries such as Europe offer journeys via train travel. You can go to different cities around and see all their beauty, both scenic and cultural.

Make Memories

After all the important safety, planning, and budgeting tips are out of the way, the next significant thing to do is have fun and make some valuable memories. Go visit the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Colosseum in Rome, or even Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. The possibilities are endless. You have the time, so start saving (if you haven’t been already), and make the most out of it!

Make sure you are covered when traveling outside of the U.S. with a Medicare Supplement Plan. If you would like help on how to get started, and which plan will work best for you, contact EZ.Insure. We offer Medicare agents that can explain your options and sign you up with a plan for free. Simple enter your zip code in the bar above, or speak with an agent through email at, or phone at 888-753-7207.

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