How EZ.Insure Beats The Competition Every Time

Competition between insurance companies is fierce. While some offer tempting deals, hooked discounts, or otherwise, others will make unfounded claims that they’re the best in the industry. So, how can the average person choose which company to buy a plan from? This is where EZ.Insure comes in. 

We provide you with a special agent and free quotes of plans within your area. You are our priority. To us, you’re more than a customer, you’re a person that needs help. Other companies promise hassle-free quotes, but it comes with a price. They will mislead you in order to gain from you. Some will even sell your information to telemarketers and more. logo
We’re the only hassle-free quote engine.

We go above and beyond to make sure you’re completely satisfied with choosing the best plan that fits your needs. What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence. In addition to keeping your information secure, we are constantly in search of the best technology and information. If you join our EZ Family, you join a community that puts you on the top of every list. 

Our Dedications to You:

You Gain from Our Hard Work

The Internet contains more information than anyone could read in a lifetime–and that’s just the insurance section. We know how exhausting it is, and how easily you can become frustrated. Our hard work removes all that stress from your shoulders.

We work to provide you with the best insurance plan that meets your needs and budgets. All this free of charge, we would rather see you satisfied with the perfect insurance plan.

Change is the only constant. In the insurance world, information changes, rates change, and plans change, especially as the new year begins. Staying up to date with every move is what we do best. Our team keeps an eagle-eye on industry trends to always provide the latest options.

You Get the Best Info from Our Expert Team

Your local agents are our bread and butter. We pair them with state-of-the-art technology, integrating our quote system, to truly provide the best experience for your health plan. 

When you visit our site, you’ll leave with complete details and comparisons from dozens of plans, open to you. These come from our team of experts, sifting through the ocean of insurance plans to find the most suitable to your budget

Before you even speak to an agent you will know:

  •  Who they are 
  • The companies they work with
  • A look into the prices they offer 

These agents know their stuff and will explain the best cost-saving options.

All this for free, we work to put money back in your hands.

You Save More Money

Finding a plan on your own can be rough. Why? The main reason is how much work it takes. After searching for hours, you have to compare all the plans you found, and comb through each one entirely. At EZ.Insure, we know time is money, and finding the perfect plan means less time you waste.

You will receive instant quotes, with a comparison of the other top plans. Besides saving you time (and money) by doing it for you, you don’t have to pay us a cent for our services. Let us shoulder the heavy-lifting. We have the technology and network to reduce hours of time spent to seconds. With our help, we both win.

Your Information Is Safe

We do not settle, especially when it comes to security. EZ.Insure constantly researches ways to improve our business, and thus, improving our services.

EZ.Insure provides ou something other agencies do not- your own personal agent.
Need privacy, accuracy, and all completely free? We’ve got your back.

We know that privacy is extremely important. With all the scams, cyber breaches, and information leaks, nothing less than the best protection is what we strive for.

Technology evolves every day, and we do too. Scammers find new ways to grab people’s information, and we do whatever it takes to prevent that. With us, you’ll never have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands.


You Are Our Priority

Unlike other companies, EZ.Insure will provide the best service for free, and we stand behind it. Your satisfaction is our highest goal. With our services, your journey to the best plan will be guided through our supported network.

Our main goal as a company is to help you, not use you to make a profit. We value your trust. If you place it with us, we guarantee a smooth transaction with one of our agents and the highest rate of savings on the market. There is no hassle, no obligation to buy, and no headaches involved. To get started, simply enter your zip code in the bar above for instant quotes, or to speak with one of our agents, call 888-350-1890, or email us at

Keep Your Information Safe With Us

The moment you go online, websites collect your information. This is especially true when you volunteer it for applications. It’s almost unavoidable when you want to keep your information safe.

We fill out an application for quotes on car insurance, health insurance, home improvement prices, etc the list goes on. While some of these websites hold your information to better understand you, unfortunately, others will sell your information to telemarketers, or worse. 

Seeing companies do this to their customers is upsetting. It upset us enough that we decided to create a company where people never have to worry about their information being shared or sold ever again. Here at EZ.Insure, we protect your privacy and information as if it is our own.

computer desk with person emailing to keep information safe
Going online is a big part of most people’s day. With EZ.Insure, at least one part of it will be secure.

Cybercrime is growing fast in the United States, faster than any other crime type. The last thing you want to worry about is what’s going to happen to your info. If you’ve filled out a form online, there’s not much stopping that business from selling that information, and if their website isn’t secure, cyber thieves could break in and just take it.

It’s not easy determining which websites to trust. Everytime you go online, you gamble with your information. Insurance is something you need, but fraud and identity theft are not.

We’ve Got You Covered

Your privacy is important, and we know your struggle. EZ.Insure keeps your information safe. We pride ourselves on being able to say we got you covered and mean it.

EZ.Insure will never sell, trade, or give away your personal information to anyone (except for application processing). We ensure confidentiality at all times with the use of advanced privacy technologies. Once you’ve made your decision on the healthcare solution that’s right for you, you can apply online directly with the carrier of your choice, protected by their state-of-the-art security systems.

Secure Online Applications

Once you’ve made your decision on the healthcare solution that’s right for you, you can apply online directly with the carrier of your choice, protected by our state-of-the-art security systems.

When you fill out our form, along with quotes, you will immediately see the contact information of the agent we assign you. This ONE agent is the only person that will receive your information, so you do not have to worry about dozens of agents calling and competing for your time.

We value your trust above all else; a company should do the right thing by protecting your information.

person with red pants emailing from their phone
Whether you’re using our form on your computer, phone, or tablet, we work hard to make sure you’re covered.

EZ.Insure believes in protecting your data; we keep information safe. We know that one misstep can lose a consumer’s trust, and we are not willing to lose yours. With us,  state-of-the-art security comes installed to prevent your information from leaving our company, and the agent who you are connected with. We don’t want our data breached or sold to telemarketers and other businesses, so why allow it to happen to you?

Why Work With An Insurance Agent?

The time has come to research insurance plans, whether Medicare, health, group, or commercial insurance. There is a ton of information on each type, and so many different options within. It can be very time consuming trying to compare plans, and determine which is the best for your specific needs.

But with such a time drain, why would people rather search for plans themselves than work with a professional agent?  

The average answer is that the insurance-seeker is worried that a professional will view them as a wallet, only attempting to get as much money from them as possible. With overpriced plans and unnecessary options, it’s not hard to see where this view developed. However, searching on your own can lead to misinformation, and can cost you more money.

money in a pile saved by working with an insurance agent
Who doesn’t want to save a little more green? With expert advice from an agent, you can!

Save More Money

When you take matters into your own hands, you could find wrong information on these insurance plans, overlook different options, or even miss some altogether.

After purchasing the “perfect plan,” matching every need, your mailbox is suddenly swamped with unexpected bills, and you are left wondering why. The average person just isn’t trained to see the fine print in coverage options. Working with our agent eliminates the need to learn the complicated language of insurance coverage.

EZ.Insure’s experienced agents offer their expert advice on your best option, meaning the policy that will save you the most money while still covering your needs. Our agents acquire their licenses after many hours of training so they can sell insurance plans. In addition, they have up to date knowledge, sourced annually, that is not easily accessible to the public.

Easy Fast Quotes

Finding a plan on your own can not only be overwhelming, but it also drains your bank account  We know everyone has specific needs, and our agents gather all the information to find a policy that suits you, freeing up your time. Besides this, using an agent allows you to negotiate prices as opposed to finding quotes online. Doing it alone doesn’t guarantee your price.

Don’t waste hours, days, and maybe even months searching. Our agent has access to industry tools and expert knowledge to quickly find, sift, and present your perfect insurance plan.

Your Best Interest

Agents have nothing but your best interests in mind. EZ.Insure doesn’t work with just any agent; ours are hand-selected. Our service is focused on supporting you on your journey, not to take advantage of your confusion with health insurance.

Our company does not make a profit on your choices, either through insurance companies or otherwise. We know how it is, so we want to help.

Better Explanation Of Coverages

As stated, nothing is worse than a surprise bill on a procedure you thought was covered. When searching, it’s easy to overlook words or even whole sentences in a plan. But as we know, every word is important in your policy explanations. An agent is a second set of eyes, ones that know what to look for. If you read explanations incorrectly, you want someone there to guide you and answer any questions you have. Insurance plans shouldn’t be a minefield of misinformation.

insurance agent giving a happy customer a thumbs up
We assign you this agent, so you don’t even have to look for one yourself!

EZ.Insure gives you instant telephone access to local expert healthcare representatives who can answer your questions, explain coverage and benefit options, help you compare different plans, and assist you in applying for coverage.

We offer more guidance than any other agency with our well-equipped agents. You never have to worry about being bounced around from agent to agent, or receiving subpar information. Be informed of the top plans for your circumstances with the best price. To get started, enter your zip code in the bar above, or to speak directly with an agent, email, or call 888-350-1890.

6 Surprising Things About EZ.Insure

When it comes to getting insurance, all companies are the same right? Wrong. When we started EZ.Insure, we were sick and tired of watching people struggle with other companies. You reach out to them, and they treat helping you as a competition, with twenty agents calling you at once. 

When you work with us, we make sure you’re dealing with one (and only one) agent handpicked by us based on your location and the products you are looking for. But that is not all we have to offer.

More Money Back In Your Pocket

When searching for a plan, the two main factors to look into are price and coverage. You might have a budget to stick to, or just want the most bang (coverage) for your buck. 

person holding a bunch of money that helped them get
Saving money is what we do best, that’s why we put it first on the list.

However, there can be so many different plans to look through and compare. For example, let’s say there are 6 different insurance companies within your area, and each company has 4 different plans to choose from. That is 24 plans to have to compare, learning what is covered or not, whether your doctor is in-network, and all the costs (monthly premiums, deductibles, copays, and coinsurance).

Health insurance plans are regulated by the government. There is no negotiating prices or coverage on these plans. There is only one way to save, and that is by using EZ.Insure. We compare ALL the available plans in your area and provide you with all the information instantly. This way you can comb through the options and pick which best suits your budget.

Free Services

You read it right, free services. By answering a few quick questions, you will instantly get a list of insurance plans online to choose from. There’s no waiting, no delay, and more importantly, no fee.

We do not benefit from whichever insurance company you choose. Our main goal is to provide you with plans from financially secure companies that provide the best service to their members.

No Obligation

When using EZ.Insure, you can cancel your plan at any time. You can even cancel during the underwriting process, and up to 10 days after you receive your policy. 

Insurance companies will not charge you until you are approved. Most importantly, you are not obligated to buy a plan until you are ready. With your personal advisor, you can ask as many questions as necessary, searching and comparing plans without any obligation to purchase until you are certain you found the right one.

Agents All Over The Country black and white outline of the US map and the states

Some agents do the bare minimum, take advantage of your confusion, or are just plain nasty. EZ.Insure does not stand for that. 

Instead, we only work with highly trained, knowledgeable, and professional agents around the country. We treat you with the respect you deserve and expect nothing less from our team. The local agent we pair you with will have the ability to:

  • Compare plans, finding the one that fits your needs
  • Help leverage insurance companies to lower their prices
  • Assist you through the Health Plan enrollment process
  • Offer you support in the future with any Health Care issues you might encounter
woman looking for insurance on her laptop on EZ.Insure
No more frustrating calls, searches that go nowhere or otherwise. With EZ.Insure, kiss those hassles goodbye!

You Work With One & Only One Agent

We offer more guidance than any other agency with our well-equipped and informed agents. You will never have to worry about being bounced around from agent to agent, or receiving subpar information.

You will be given your OWN personal advisor to work with. This keeps your phone free for family calls or otherwise. Nothing is more annoying than constant ringing with insurance agents on the other side.

We protect your privacy. You will work with just ONE agent that you can call anytime you have questions, and to help guide you to plans within your price range. Your advisor will help you with whatever issues arise.

Instant Results

Have you entered your information yet? You could have been finished before you got to the bottom of this article! With our quote engine, we just need a few pieces of information to start your process of joining our EZ Family–all in the time it takes you to read five facts.

We have over 20 years of experience in the insurance market. So we make sure that we are up to date on all the new trends. This way we can save you money by giving you accurate information, plans, and quotes. 

We offer instant results along with our custom service. As soon as you submit a form and reach out to us you will see a photograph of the agent we have chosen for you based on your needs, and you will have the ability to see online quotes that they offer instantly. If you are looking for free instant insurance quotes, enter your zip code in the bar above, or to directly speak with an agent specialized within your area, call 888-350-1890, or email