Surprise Bills Could Be Coming! Get To Know What’s Changing With Medicare in 2020

Big changes are coming for Medicare next year, affecting your coverage and wallet. Medicare Supplement plans C and F will disappear. Part B premiums and deductibles will rise.  And for the first time since 2010, Medicare is changing the surcharges on high-income beneficiaries. Make sure you aware of all the changes ahead so you can make the necessary adjustments to fit both your needs and budget.

Part B

For 2019, the standard Medicare Part B premiums are $135.50 a month. Next year’s increase is projected to be about $144.30 a month. 

Many seniors depend on Social Security to help pay for their premiums. For 2020, Social Security’s COLA, or cost of living adjustment, is expected to be about 1.6%. This would increase the benefit to $23 a month, which will in turn cover the increase in Part B premiums.

Medicare Premium and deductible prices for  2020 chart

The Part B deductible was $185 in 2019, and is now projected to increase to $197. In order to help pay for the deductible, Medicare beneficiaries will be forced to sign up for a Medicare Supplement plan. 

Medicare Supplement Plans C and F

As mentioned, Medicare Supplement plans help beneficiaries pay for their Part B deductible. Plans C and F will no longer be available for purchase by newly-eligible Medicare beneficiaries. 

As long as the beneficiary is enrolled in Medicare before 2020, they can keep their plan C or F, or can apply for them at a later date. These two plans are popular plans because they are the only ones that cover the Part B deductible in full. 

Medicare Surcharges

With these monthly payments, Medicare covers 80% of charges, and the other 20% is up to the beneficiary. Some seniors have a higher income than others, and as a result, they also pay a higher price. 

This higher price is referred to as a “surcharge”. The surcharges are imposed because these higher-income beneficiaries can afford to pay more for healthcare. The surcharge is called IRMAA, which stands for Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount.

For the past couple of years, high-income beneficiaries were in the set income bracket of $85,000 for an individual, and $170,000 for a married couple. Starting in 2020, the income brackets will be adjusted for inflation. 

2019 & 2020 Medicare Surcharges chart
2020 Medicare Surcharges

The surcharge will now apply for those making an income of $87,000 as an individual, and $174,000 for a married couple. Premiums in 2019 range from $189.60 a month to $460.50 a month, depending on income. For 2020, these amounts are projected to range from $202 a month to $490.50 a month, depending on income.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have not announced the actual increase in Part B premiums and deductibles yet. However, the projections are enough to make a Medicare beneficiary prepare for the upcoming changes. Seek out any Medicare Supplement plans you might want to get, especially if it is plan C or F.

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