The AEP Is Almost Over! Have You Done Everything You Need to Do?

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is the time to review your current plan and ensure it will still work for you for the coming year. But the AEP ends December 7, leaving you with a little less than a week to make any changes to your Medicare plan. Before this time is over, it is imperative that you do all of the following to make sure that you are fully and financially prepared for next year!

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It is very important to review your plan before the AEP runs out to make sure it meets your needs next year.

Review Your Current Plan

This is one of the most important things that you need to do during the AEP! Oftentimes people will not read the letters they receive about upcoming changes to their plan, but it is very important to review any correspondence that you receive in order to make sure that your plan will cover your medical needs in the coming year, and that you will be able to afford it. 

Review Your Healthcare Habits & Needs

Gather all of your healthcare receipts, and think back to all your doctor visits, specialist appointments, and any other health-related expenses from the last year. Then make a list of everything health-related that you think you will need or healthcare expenses that you anticipate for the coming year. Will your current plan cover these needs for next year? Or do you need to start searching for a plan that will? 

Check Your Coverage for Medications

If you regularly take prescription medications, you will need to make sure that your plan’s drug formulary includes these necessary medications. Different Medicare plans have different formularies, meaning each plan covers medications differently. Some plans might have your prescription on a different tier, making it less expensive. Make a list of all the prescription medications that you take, and compare plan formularies and pricing to make sure that your medications will be covered at a reasonable price.

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Remember to make a list of your doctors and specialists!

Make A List of Your Doctors & Specialists

Write down all of the medical providers that you visit, including your primary care physician, your hospital of choice, and any specialists that you see regularly. If you want to continue seeing the same providers, make sure they will still be covered by your current plan next year.  If not, it’s time to search for a plan that will cover them.

Talk With An Agent

The best way to find the right plan for you is to get personalized assistance from an EZ agent. There are 10 different Medicare Supplement Plans to choose from, which means there’s sure to be a plan that’s right for you. But that also means it can be confusing and time-consuming to compare and choose between them. That’s where EZ comes in! And our services are free because we just want to help you find an affordable plan with the coverage you need – no obligation, just free quotes. To get free instant quotes on plans that cover your current doctors, simply enter your zip code in the bar on the side, or to speak to a local licensed agent, call 888-753-7207.

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