New Year, New You, How To Get Started

It is officially 2019 and time to set some resolutions you intend to keep this year. First thing you should do is reflect on last year, then reflect on what you would like to change or do differently. This year set a goal on what is important to you and what you would like to change both physically, and mentally. Your new year’s resolution should be a priority so it does not get brushed under the rug after a short period of time. There are a number of different goals that are attainable for seniors to strive for this year. It does not take a lot of effort, just some time and motivation. Here are some resolutions that you can think about and take on!

Eat Healthier

This year make it a goal to try to eat more vegetables, and less sugar. Start off by making at least one meal a healthier one and add vegetables to others. Incorporate whole grains, fish, and healthy fats into your diet. Instead of reaching for a piece of pie after dinner, try a piece of dark chocolate or some fruit. They are satisfying and yummy alternatives.

You can learn to use technology so you can connect with friends anf family more often.
You can learn to use technology so you can connect with friends anf family more often.

A healthy diet will help you live longer and stronger.

Learn How To Use New Technology

Technology is always changing and evolving. It can be hard for some seniors to learn new gadgets, and social media outlets. This year try to take on something new, whether Facebook, or a smartphone. These outlets will help you stay connected to family and friends, and battle social isolation. If you need help figuring it out, ask family or friends.

Be Active

This resolution is one of the most popular ones every year. It is a good resolution to do, but the importance is to stick to it because it is often abandoned early. Start out slow and easy with something as simple as walking for 15 minutes. Yoga, and aqua aerobics are awesome workout routines that help stretch you and are low impact on your joints. Exercise will improve your blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, and increase your endurance.

Visit Your Grandkids More

Nothing is better than spending time with your grandchildren. The unconditional love you receive from them increases your mental health, and increases your life’s quantity and quality. This year try to stay connected with your grandkids on a regular basis. This will strengthen your bond, and keep you close. Make a date to see them at least once a week if you can, whether in person or via video chat.

Pick Up A Hobby

Pick up an old or new hobby this year. If there is a hobby that you used to love doing but lost the time for it, then get back to it. You can paint, knit, collect things, repurpose old things, etc. Whatever you would like to take on, consider it this year. It can be relaxing “me time” that you enjoy doing everyday.

Brain Games

Work your brain with some puzzles and brain games.
Work your brain with some puzzles and brain games.

In order to stay sharp and keep your brain strong, you must keep it as active as possible. Your brain needs a workout just like your body does. Crossword puzzles like sudoku, and brain teaser games can improve your cognitive skills, and reduce memory loss. You can do these kind of brain games, or try to learn new things like a new language. Try to keep your brain active this year so it can improve over time.

Try something new this year that will improve your life. Start out small and do not try to make drastic changes, otherwise you will give up. Have some fun this year, pick up a hobby, and increase your physical and mental health. Stay happy, and healthy this year.

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