Meditation, Why It’s a Good Idea?

People talk about meditation benefits all the time. We see it in the news, on our feeds, and from journals of alternative medicine, but where do they get these ideas from?

 We live in a time where stress, anxiety, depression, and a ridiculous amount of information comes pouring at us from all sides. Our brains, or “monkey minds” as some industry experts call them, are put under more stress than ever. Why is meditation a good idea? Because it’s giving both mental and physical faculties a break. How does that work though, and what are the results? This is the time we need meditation benefits the most.

Lower Stress

person meditating in a wheat field
This can happen wherever you feel safe. If you need to take a moment for self-care, you should.

Studies conducted show meditation both reduces stress and helps us cope with it. These are all types of meditation from transcendental meditation to mindfulness-based or MBSR. Stress is terrible for your body. If you don’t meditate and take care of it, stress can lead to dangers like:

  • Early aging
  • Muscle tension
  • A compromised immune system 
  • High blood pressure

People who practiced even guided meditation see an overall positive change in their lives, simply because their stress is being actively managed. If you practice, the meditation benefits will come.

monk meditating underneath a lamp
People have been using this tool for thousands of years. Time to jump on board.


This is a less popular meditation benefit. We’re taught about stress and mental disorders, but not usually about self-image. If you think about yourself, it leads to selfishness, or so we think. However, we need self-care now more than ever. A healthy sense of self leads to feelings of confidence and a sense of trust. Self-reliance is a key trait needed to operate well in the world. With a meditative practice like tai chi or yoga, you can build this skill. 

Emotional Stability

Studies showed that anxiety plagues about one-fifth of the U.S. population. It’s the most common mental disorder, and one treatment is meditation. The practice teaches you to push your worries and concerns aside by living in the present moment. With focused attention, you learn to recognize which thoughts are helpful and which are not. Sound like a great meditation benefit? More likely than not, the worries and concerns we have are overblown. 

A Physically Fit Brain

Your brain will thank you because a regular practice will reap additional health benefits such as:

  • More Blood– the practice increases blood flow to key areas. Blood is what keeps your brain going.
  • Thicker Matter– You want a thick brain. With this physiological change, you’ll see an increase in memory and attention span.
  • Less Cortisol –  The stress chemical continues to sit in your brain. If you don’t rid yourself of it, it can cause feelings of anxiety for no apparent reason
  • More Serotonin -Serotonin is an important chemical relating to healthy mood, sexual desire, and others to keep balanced behavior.

While meditation won’t heal your existing medical conditions, it does provide alternative and complementary boosts to your wellness. I don’t think anyone would turn down the meditation benefits associated with a well-rounded life. It’s easy to start too. Just put yourself in a comfortable seat, close your eyes, and narrow your focus to just your breathing. Doing this for 15-20 minutes per day, with any form of meditation, will provide you with these advantages.

Person meditating near a tree with flowers
Picture yourself with a clearer mind, healthier physiology, and a better outlook on life.

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