5 Things to Consider Before Medicare Annual Enrollment

The Medicare Annual Enrollment is a time for seniors to take a look at their health care needs and coverage. It is starting in a few weeks, beginning October 15th and ending on December 7th. So, now is a good time to start thinking about all the things that you need to consider beforehand so you are fully prepared and have all the coverage you need without any extra out-of-pocket cost.

1. Check to see if your plan’s benefit or cost has changed. illustration of a hand looking at paperwork

Has your current plan premium gone up? Or has your plan gotten rid of some benefits that you might need? Reviewing a change to your Medicare coverage is a major consideration because your Medicare Plan may have changed from the previous year which can affect your coverage and how much you pay out of pocket. Once you review your current plan, and have come to the conclusion that there are significant changes that are out of your budget and needs, then it may be time to shop for a new plan.

2.  See if your prescription drug coverage has changed.

It is no secret that prescription drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries have been on the rise. It is important to review and make sure that your drugs are still covered and also to see if your medication copays have changed or moved to a different drug tier. Also, you will want to double-check and make sure that your preferred pharmacy is still covered under your current plan.

3.  Make sure your doctor is still in your network.

Doctors, hospitals, and other health providers can shift in and out of networks. It is important to make sure that your current doctor that you want to keep seeing is still within your network and is not leaving for the following year.

4.  Consider your costs. papers behind a calculator

Going to the doctor is important, but sometimes if you have a chronic condition, then it is more necessary than others to see the doctor and receive medication regularly. Consider how much you spent annually on premiums, co-pays, and deductibles because sometimes the cost will add up to more than you think. If so then it is time to consider other options to see if there is a plan that is cheaper or has the benefits that you need for your health care needs.

5. Travel Plans

Are you considering traveling in the near future? When you are traveling with Medicare, it can be tricky. That is why it is important to understand how each plan’s travel coverage works. original Medicare does not cover services overseas, however, some Medicare Supplement Plans will. 

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