Is Flossing More Important Than Brushing?

“Have you been flossing regularly?” The question a lot of people dread hearing from the dentist, and never really answer truthfully. A survey conducted around the U.S. resulted in the truth- that a lot of people lie to their dentist about flossing. Everyone is told that flossing is important and that it should be done, if not after every meal, then at

Studies show that a lot of people across the country lie to their dentist about flossing.
Studies show that a lot of people across the country lie to their dentist about flossing.

least once a day. This just doesn’t happen, and why? The answer is simple, people do not like to floss.  People would rather brush their teeth than have to pull out a piece of floss. However, brushing your teeth only cleans the surface of your teeth, and does not always reach the gap between the teeth. As much as you dread it, flossing will help prevent diseases and cavities. Besides, what’s worse, dealing with that painful needle to numb you before filling a cavity, or a piece of floss in between your teeth?

Prevents Tooth Decay & Gum Disease

This is probably the most important reason to floss your teeth. When you brush your teeth, you can only remove so much from it, leaving behind the plaque stuck in between those hard to get places. When that plaque is not removed, it will lead to tartar buildup, which if not removed and taken care of, leads to gum disease.

Your mouth naturally has a lot of bacteria in it. When plaque builds up, the bacteria in the mouth creates a toxic byproduct that causes tooth decay and gum disease. So this bad bacteria begins to inflame your gums, causing disease. From personal experience, not flossing in between two specific teeth that are tight, and where food gets

Sometimes brushing your teeth does not get all the food stuck in between teeth.
Brushing your teeth does not always get the food stuck in between some teeth. Flossing helps get it before it turns into something as serious as tooth decay and gum disease.

stuck constantly, has caused me to receive cavities followed by fillings, not once but twice. Since then, I started flossing, mainly because I hate getting fillings.

Help Get Rid of Bad Breath

Let’s talk about stinky breath. One in four people experience bad breath, and it is most likely caused by an oral hygiene issue. When food gets stuck in between your teeth and do not get removed, the bacteria in your mouth begins to break down the food particles into sulfur compounds. Have you ever smelled sulfur? It smells like rotten eggs, sometimes worse. Definitely not something you want your mouth to smell like. One way to prevent this is to floss.

You may be too tired at the end of a long day to think about flossing, but it does not have to happen at the end of the day. You can floss at any time, and to make it easier, try keeping floss handy in your purse, car, or on your nightstand by your bed. Having easy access to floss can help remind, and even encourage you to use it. Think of the benefits! Also when your dentist asks you if you have been flossing, then you won’t have to lie.

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