New Fitbit App, Connects Patients To Doctors

Fitbit has created a new health care platform called Fitbit Care that will help coach people with their health and wellness. Now people can use this platform and the new app connected to it, Fitbit Plus, to stay connected with their doctors, employers, and social groups. This platform and app will even connect you to health coaches so you can stay on track.

The new FitBit app will help your doctor stay connected with you.
The new FitBit app will help your doctor stay connected with you, and updat your records.

What It Includes

The Fitbit Care platform will all people to track activity, sleep, heart rate, and more. It will have interventions for weight loss, smoking cessation, and helps manage conditions such as congestive heart disease and depression. It offers the management of other conditions, even chronic and complex ones.

Once you are enrolled in the Fitbit Care platform, whether through employer or health plans, they will have access to the new app, Fitbit Plus. Fitbit Plus will be able to track your blood pressure, and glucose levels. It will work on a lot of different devices, to which you choose to connect it to.

The Goal

Employers are interested in this new Fitbit app because it will help keep employees health on track. In turn this will essentially keep healthcare costs low. People with the app can connect to support groups if they need to. Employers can put motivating messages on it as well.  Doctors can stay connected with their patients and can check their

Keep track of your heatlh with the new FitBit app.
Keep track of your heatlh with the new FitBit app.

metrics. The doctors will be able to tell if a treatment plan they have set is working or if they need to adjust it.

This advancement in technology can help save someone’s life. The alerts can help those who are part of the platform know if a person’s metrics have dropped too low, or if something is wrong. Just like Apple’s new watch which has saved people from having a major heart attack, this app hopes to do the same, and more. The cost of Fitbit Care is not set, and is dependent on the case. For employers it will be based on the business and how many employees they have.

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