Do I Need Life Insurance if I Don’t Have Dependents?

If you’re single and have no children, you’re not alone in thinking that life insurance is not a necessity for you. But even if you don’t have anyone who financially depends on you. There are a lot of reasons why life insurance is important. Not only do situations change over time, but if you wait until you’re older to purchase a life insurance policy, it will cost more than it would if you were to purchase one right now!woman in a white t-shirt thinking with the article title next to her in a thought bubble

Why You Need Life Insurance Even if You Don’t Have Dependents

You Might Have Dependents One day

Life is full of unknowns, including where your future will take you. Just because you don’t have any dependents now doesn’t mean you won’t later on in life. If you meet that special someone, and get married and decide to have children later in life, you will need to consider a life insurance policy. When it comes to life insurance, it’s generally best to think about the future, rather than your present situation.

You Want to Help with Your Funeral Expenses

Even though you might not have any dependents, someone in your family is going to have to be financially responsible for your death. On average, a funeral can cause around  $15,000. Which is a lot of money to expect your family to take on in the event of your passing. Having a life insurance policy, even if it’s a basic one such as a final expense life insurance policy, can ensure that these expenses are covered. So no one in your family has to be financially burdened with the costs.

You’re a Family Member’s Caretaker, or Might Become One image of a younger woman helping an elderly man out of a chair

As parents or grandparents age and potentially become ill, one of their children/grandchildren will often take on the responsibility of taking care of them. This can include cleaning the house, cooking, helping pay bills, and doing any number of household chores. If you are or might end up in this situation, and something were to happen to you, everything that you did for your parents would have to be done by a nurse. Which could cost your family money they might not have. Having a life insurance policy would provide your family members with enough money to get the care that they need.

You Have Other Potential Beneficiaries

Just because you don’t have any dependents, doesn’t mean that you don’t have possible beneficiaries. It could be anyone in your life that could benefit from a life insurance payout. Like your parents, siblings, or anyone else you choose to leave money to. 

Finding the Right Plan

A life insurance policy is the right choice for everyone, no matter if you have dependents or not! But if you’re not sure which policy is best for you, your best bet is to compare policies from different companies. There are many great affordable life insurance options to choose from that will provide enough money for your beneficiaries, for a low monthly price. The best way to find the right life insurance policy for you and your specific needs is by working with an agent who specializes in life insurance. 


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