I Had Covid: Will I Ever Get My Sense of Smell Back?

It might seem like the Covid pandemic is slowly becoming a bad memory, but the sad reality is that for some people this is not the case. Many people who contracted Covid-19 have experienced additional, ongoing health conditions. One of the lingering symptoms of Covid that some people have experienced is the loss of smell (and often taste), known as parosmia. This condition can also be experienced as otherwise normal things smelling (and tasting) unpleasant. If you are experiencing parosmia, you’re probably wondering how long it will last, and if you will ever smell and taste normally again.

What Is Parosmia?

table with vinegar and oil in glasse
People dealing with parosmia can shy away from smells like vinegar because it smells like ammonia.

Parosmia can be caused by respiratory infections, seizures, brain tumors, and now Covid-19. It is identified as the loss of the sense of smell, or a disruption to the sense of smell that changes how things smell. For example coffee, fruit, or things with vinegar in them can smell like ammonia, egg, or even garbage. It’s generally caused by some of your receptors getting damaged, causing your nose to perceive smell incorrectly.

How Long Will Parosmia Last?

In most cases, parosmia will improve over time, typically anywhere from 2 to 4 months after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Around  65% of people who have experienced it have reported regaining their taste and smell 18 months after infection, with 80 to 90% getting it back within two years.

Is There a Treatment?

It can be very frustrating not to be able to eat things you like because they don’t smell right to you. And unfortunately, there is no known treatment for Covid-19-induced parosmia, but you can try smell training therapy, or nose therapy. Smell training therapy involves smelling strong odors such as cloves, citrus, and eucalyptus every day to help retrain the brain to remember how to smell. In the meantime, you can try eating simple, bland food so that the smells don’t bother you, or just avoid the foods that smell and taste foul to you.

If You Need To See A Doctor…asian female doctor

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