Can You Get Health Insurance After An Accident?

Ah – life is just full of surprises isn’t it? It would be so much easier if we had a crystal ball telling us exactly what kind of health insurance we should get and when. Who wouldn’t want to not pay for insurance until it was needed?

There may be years, even decades, where you don’t need to go to the doctor or have an injury, and you think you don’t need insurance. Sadly, life happens and unexpected things and accidents occur. Let’s just say you’re going about your day and you get some pain and have to rush to the hospital. Once there you find out you have appendicitis and need an appendectomy. A few weeks later a bill arrives in your mailbox for thousands of dollars. If you don’t have a health insurance plan this trip to the hospital could wreak havoc on your bank account and credit. Hopefully you never find yourself in this scenario but it makes you wonder…what if you don’t have health insurance? What do you do? Can you retroactively be covered if you buy a plan after you leave the hospital? Let’s find out.

crystal ball
Since you can’t predict the future, be sure you have a health insurance plan that fits your needs.

The Short Answer

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Getting health insurance after an injury will not cover bills that have already been incurred.

Sadly if you do not have insurance at the time of an accident you cannot sign up for health insurance coverage after being injured and incur a bill from a healthcare provider. It makes sense that this is not possible because otherwise no one would buy a health insurance policy unless it was absolutely necessary. There is an open enrollment period in the fall where people can enroll in a health insurance plan for the next calendar year. There are exceptions to this if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Some life events such as getting married or having a baby would qualify you to enroll outside of the open enrollment period, but in general you should get a plan during open enrollment to cover yourself in the event of an accident or to get coverage for wellness checks.

Finding a Plan That’s Right For you

Talk to an EZ Agent today to find a health insurance plan that works for you.

Opting out of health insurance is extremely risky. With one accident you could put yourself in financial distress for years to come. This is why health insurance, even a basic plan with a high deductible would be better than nothing. At EZ we have agents that work with top-rated insurance companies in the nation and are able to find a plan that works for you. Don’t find yourself in a position that would create financial hardship because of an accident. Simply enter your zip code in the bar above to get free, instant, no obligation quotes, or to speak to a local agent, call 888-350-1890.

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