Antibiotics, Do They Really Work?

Should you take antibiotics? Are they harmful? Will a bacteria grow resistance from antibiotics? How should they be taken? There has been a lot of questions and debates about the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics are needed to treat infections caused by bacteria. It is important to know when antibiotics are needed, and when they are not. There are safe ways to use your antibiotics so that they do not become harmful.

If you are exposed to antibiotics when not needed, it can help bacteria develop a stronger strain. Bacteria gets used to antibiotics, and become stronger, building resistance against the drugs. This is when a superbug develops, making it harder for your body to fight. But there is a way to make sure this does not happen. How medications are used affects how quickly a bacteria develops resistance and to what extent.

Antibiotics if prescribed accordingly will work best. Overusage will create bacteria resistance.
Antibiotics if prescribed accordingly will work best. Overusage will create bacteria resistance.

When It Is Not Needed

A lot of common viral infections that do not benefit from antibiotics, such as the cold, flu, bronchitis, stomach flu, and some sinus and ear infections. Taking antibiotics for these kinds of viral infections will no cure the infection or keep others from getting sick. It just promotes the resistance for bacteria against it, and can diminish the good bacteria in your body. Once the good bacteria is killed, then you begin to get tired and ill more often.

When It Should Be Used

Antibiotics should be used for serious infections like pneumonia or sepsis. Doctors should only prescribe antibiotics when necessary, and it should be controlled. The drugs come with some side effects, such as rash, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and yeast infections. Some recently have had the side effect of a hairy tongue! But if you use them appropriately, then you can avoid side effects.

How To Use It

In order to avoid bad bacteria and getting sick, practice good hygiene.
In order to avoid bad bacteria and getting sick, practice good hygiene such as washing your hands often.

Try not to pressure your doctor for antibiotics unless they are really necessary or the doctor suggests it. Instead ask your doctor how to treat the illness. When prescribed a course of antibiotics, it is important that when you begin a cycle of the antibiotics, to finish them. A lot of times people will stop taking their antibiotics when they begin to feel better. Not finishing the entire course of the antibiotic, and keeping some in the cabinet for “just in cases” will harm your body. The bacteria will only become immune to the antibiotics, and trying to use the leftovers will not be useful. The leftover antibiotics will not help because it is not a full course, and it may not even be the correct antibiotic for the illness.

Of course it is always best to try to practice good hygiene, and wash your hands often. Remember to cover your coughs, stay home when you are sick, and cook foods to a safe temperature. But when all else fails and you do get sick, try to avoid antibiotics if it is not necessary. In the end, your body will become stronger if it learns to fight the bacteria on its own, and you will save the good bacteria your body needs. If you do need antibiotics, then follow the instructions and take the proper amount needed in a day and finish the course. Antibiotics are not meant to just be given out every time you fall ill, they are meant for serious infections. Remember to seek advice from your doctor on how to treat an infection before asking for an antibiotic.

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    1. Thank you! It is some bitter truth because sometimes people request antibiotics as a form of treatment when it is not necessarily needed. If you use it for things that do not require, the bacteria will build resistance against it, and get rid of the good bacteria your body desperately needs when sick. People should try to understand when antibiotics are needed and when you should allow your body to run its course and fight an illness on its own.

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