7 Skin Care Hacks Your Dermatologist Won’t Tell You

Beautiful skin can make anyone feel like royalty. Yet for some, a solid skin care routine is hard to manage. We all want to minimize fines lines and clear up acne. But are the most expensive skincare products worth it? What about the more ridiculous ones? If you’re looking for some beauty hacks to keep your face feeling fresh, then we’ve found some choices you can take a look at.

As with anything, try the ones that seem the best for your skin type, and if they don’t work, leave them alone and try again with something else. Your body is unique and beautiful and deserves a routine that works for you.

 These products may come with health risks. Be careful when applying. Follow instructions, and call a health professional for further advice and safety information.

woman dancing happy with lovely skin and a leaf
Beautiful skin may take some weird roads, but won’t it be so worth it?

Skin Care Hack #1: Snail Mucus

I know what you are thinking. Mucus doesn’t sound like something you would want anywhere near your body, let alone your face. However, this South Korean trend has been popping up more and more. The mucus, when applied, elevates anti-aging in your skin and as a bonus, keeps it nice and hydrated. 

You can get it by itself, but in some locations, the beauticians use live snails. Letting something crawl across your face may not be at the top of your list, but you could apply it yourself. The snail used for the industry is a type found in your average garden, the Helix aspersa. However, you probably shouldn’t just pluck one out and apply its slime to your skin. The serums available are cleaned and prepared for you. Just be mindful of its pricing at around $200. Skin care can get expensive.

Skin Care Hack #2: Tomatoes

On the cheaper side is the ever-present tomato. We think of this delicious fruit as the perfect additive to salsas, soups, and even sandwiches, but does it have external uses as well? Turns out, the answer is yes.

Instead of reaching for some chemical-laden skin mask from the grocery store, instead, cut your tomatoes into thin slices. For this routine, you may want to get the bigger tomatoes for more coverage. The fruit will give your skin the moisture it craves, brightening it up in the process. Plus, tomatoes can be bought with spare change.

Skin Care Hack #3: Bee Venom

Here is another strange thing for you to apply to your body. While most people would avoid the word “venom” when it comes to health, the properties in my animal defenses can actually be beneficial, especially for acne. For bee venom, the anti-inflammatory properties are the powerhouse here. Both inside and out, we have to fight inflammation to keep our skin looking more firm and less swollen. Just make sure to read the instructions for this one twice.

Skin Care Hack #4: CBD 

Marijuana has been making the rounds lately. From medical benefits to recreational ones, this heavy-lifting plant is branching out into skincare as well. No, you don’t need to smoke it to see the changes. 

plant leaves next to a hand covered in skin
Natural remedies can come from the strangest of places.

The CBD (cannabidiol) part of the plant is the non-psychotropic part. So, you do not need to worry about applying this to your body and accidentally altering your mental state. Like the earlier options, CBD is anti-inflammatory and thus great for most skin problems. On top of this, it comes with a dose of vitamins too like E and A.  

However, unlike earlier hacks, be careful where you purchase this from. Do your research so that your new product is not only safe but legal in your state.

Skin Care Hack #5: Micro-needle Patches

Besides venom, drugs, and mucous, we also have the option of adding a bunch of needles to our skin care routine. Sound good at all?

Here are some great reviews for these curative patches. It’s specifically to limit acne, so if you are going through a troubling time due to stress or otherwise, this may be relevant to you. Getting these patches is supposedly a quick fix for breakouts. But what do they do exactly?

The tiny needles on the patches work to deliver a healthy dose of acne medicine. You do not want to slather the stuff on most times; it can dry your skin out, causing a different problem. With the patches, you can feel good about healing acne without large amounts of chemicals.

Skin Care Hack #6: Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is found in many corner stores around the country. You’re going to want to look for a bottle of the botanical extract. Although, if you feel confident in growing the herb yourself at home, more power to you.

The astringent works by cleaning your skin of oil and toning up your pores. The benefits have been used for hundreds of years, so it should be pretty safe for most skin types. Like most astringents, be mindful of how much you use so that you don’t inadvertently dry your skin out.

glass of water held in a lap
Beautiful skin starts from within! Stay hydrated and eat your veggies.

Skin Care Hack #7: Inside-Out Approach 

Everything in your body is connected. So, to get the most out of your routine, make sure you have daily healthy habits. These are going to be:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Exercising at least 30 minutes
  • Eating healthy foods full of vitamin A, E, and D, found in diets like the Mediterranean
  • Getting enough sleep

As with most trendy products, results vary for each individual. While you may receive great benefits from one, be aware of their safety issues. These can be the miracle fix you need to fight acne or aging on your skin, but don’t forget your health in the process. Enjoy a full-rounded sense of wellness besides just skin care.

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