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There is no such thing as a one size fits all health insurance plan. Everyone has different needs, different priorities, and different budgets. At EZ.Insure we understand that you want the best coverage for you and your family, but we also understand that you have other bills, and a budget to stick to. Because we have such a wide variety of customers, and we want to make the process of buying insurance as smooth as possible we have composed the following list of questions to ask yourself. This will also help you know what your insurance agent is looking for. If you do not know the answers to these questions, or are confused, no worries, that is what the EZ.Insure agents are here for. We can help you figure out the answers to these questions and better guide you to the best plan for you and your family.

1. How long do you think you will need this plan for?
Is this a plan that you need during a short gap in insurance, (due to relocation, a new job, unemployment, etc.) or is this a plan that you want to cover you for several years?
If you are in-between jobs it is better to get a short term plan that way you can take advantage of your employers health plan coverage when the time comes, otherwise you would benefit from a more long term reliable plan that will be with you for much longer.

2. How much coverage do you think you will realistically need?
Health insurance plans range from extremely basic to overwhelmingly in depth. Basic coverage usually includes just emergency situations such as hospitalization and outpatient surgery rather than preventative care and regular checkups. The monthly premiums for these basic plans are much lower than plans with more coverage of course but you run the risk of having an extremely high bill if you have to go to the doctor for anything that is not covered. Plans with a higher premium usually cover things such as regular doctors visits, prescription drug coverage, and preventive care.

3. What is your budget?
While considering what level of coverage you need is important, we also have to be realistic. Not everyone wants to pay the minimum and not everyone wants to pay the maximum, people have a budget they have to stick to and at EZ.Insure we respect that. If you are not sure what you can afford, no problem, we can go over the prices of as many plans as you’d like until we find the one you are most comfortable with.

4. How important is it for you to be able to see a specialist right away?
Certain plans do not cover specialist visits without a recommendation from your doctor. Plans like a HMO require you to pick a primary doctor and see them for most of your medical needs. Generally if the specialist is someone that is medically necessary for you to see your doctor will give you a referral after a quick visit, but you do have to schedule and see them first. If direct access to specialists is something that you think is important you will want to pick a plan that does not restrict your selection of providers.

5. Do you have a specific doctor or hospital you prefer to go to?
A lot of plans circle around different networks of doctors. If you have a doctor that you are comfortable with and are not willing to leave you are going to want to confirm with your doctor that they accept the new insurance plan you are going to be getting. There are lists online that you can check but due to the fact that they are constantly changing it is best to confirm this directly with your doctors office.

6. In the event of an accident or sudden illness what is the maximum amount you are able to pay out of pocket?
Normally there is a limit to the amount that a policy holder has to pay out of pocket each year. Once this amount is reached your insurance company will cover 100% of any medical bills that come up for the rest of the year. If you plan on using your insurance frequently, in the near future, or fear sudden illness the out of picket maximum will be an important issue to discuss with your agent.

While this list of questions might seem intimidating it is fairly simple. It all comes down to the specifics of what your find important in an insurance company and how much you are able to pay to get these important things. At EZ.Inure we are here to make sure you get all of the coverage you need without breaking the bank. We compare quotes from dozens of insurance companies in your area and make them compete to give you the best price. Without us you could end up spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily, let us help you save today!

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