Your Guide to the Adult Toys You REALLY Want for Christmas

Ho ho ho! Here comes Santa Claus again, with toys in his sack for all the good boys and girls… and maybe he’s also got some stashed away in there for the naughty boys and girls, as well. Yup, we’re talking about the adult toys you and your partner really want for Christmas! But if you’re curious about giving some new sex toys a whirl, but not sure what’s right for you, we’ve got a guide that’ll get you started doing some gifting to the naughtiest on your list – or to yourself! After all, pleasure is all about giving AND receiving! So without any more teasing, let’s get down to business.

Your Sexiest Holiday Gift List

black sexy toy

With the long winter stretching out ahead of us, we all could use something to heat things up, right? And remember, you don’t HAVE TO give these beauties away – you are so worth a steamy present of self love! Remember, masturbation is good for you! For example, if you’re a woman, it doesn’t just get you off, it also helps boost your immune system, strengthen your pelvic muscles, and promote body positivity. So whatever your gender, and whether you’re partnered or not, what might blow your stockings off in the coming year?

A real crowd pleaser

Looking for a vibrator for yourself or your gal? May we suggest th

e Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation? Available from Adam and Eve, this vibrator has been bought by over half a million satisfied customers, and raved about in Cosmopolitan. It has it all: it’s waterproof, it offers optional puffs of air to simulate the sensations of oral sex, has 11 fun settings, and is even rechargeable, so the fun never has to end with a hunt for fresh batteries! Anyone would love to get this in their stocking!

Looking to class things up?

While sex toys have gotten a lot sleeker and more pleasing to the eye these days, you probably wouldn’t want to wear them out of the house, right? Well, the Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace changes all that! This statement necklace, which comes in rose gold, gold, and silver, is also a mini vibrator, so you can look good at dinner with your squeeze, and then have some extra fun for dessert.

Cheeky fun for everyone

Kind of into the idea of letting your partner take control? Try the LOVENSE Lush 3 Bullet Vibrator, a toy that your partner can control remotely. Yup, you read that right: you’ll finally WANT to give your partner the remote control!

Lots of bang for your bucksexy advent calendar

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…some mind-blowing sexy time! Looking for something more holiday-themed, that’ll keep you trying new things all season long? Try the Lovehoney Sweet Seduction 12-Day Couple’s Advent Calendar, and see what you can get into, other than Christmas cookies, as you experiment with 12 new and different toys for your 12 sexy days of Christmas. Truly, a lot of bang for your buck.

A little boost

Want just a little something extra in the bedroom (or under the tree)? Try the Dame Eva II, a toy that stays in place (thanks to its little wings that tuck under you or your partner’s labia) as you have intercourse. It’s quiet, but mighty.

Celebrate cuffing season

Want to actually cuff your honey? It might be fun to experiment with a little bit of restraint, but only if everyone is totally on board and comfortable with it, of course. If you are feeling a little naughty, take a look at the Bijoux Indiscrets MAZE Wide Handcuffs, which can be comfier thanks to the wide cuffs. Plus, they just look good. 

Roll the dice

OK, so getting your partner in bed might be a sure thing, and not much of a gamble, but that doesn’t mean you can’t up the ante. Try Dalliance’s Sex Dice, a grown-up way to bring some more fun and games into your bedroom. With 12-sided, six-sided, and 10-sided options, there are different positions, directions, and locations to explore – all left up to chance.

Use the backdoor

Curious about anal play? You can start by giving anal beads a try, like Lovers Anal Pop Booty Beads. According to  Marla Renee Stewart, MA, sexpert for adult wellness brand and retailer Lovers, “If you’re a beginner wanting to rev up anal play, but want to do something different, this is your chance. Place these beads in your anus for some titillating foreplay, and if you’re partnered, have your lover give you oral sex. Right when you’re about to orgasm, tug on the beads and pull them out for an incredible elongated varied orgasm.” 

You might also want to try a prostate massager to get things explosive, like the Lelo Billy 2.

Go full techie

The We-Vibe Moxie takes the remote control sex toy to a whole new level. You can control it via app, and even includes a video chat feature to really spice things up for visual lovers who can’t be home for the holidays. 

Something for the sensual

You don’t have to fill your lover’s stocking with toys alone. Try something to go with those massagers, like a massage candle. The Earthly Body Soy Candle High Tide, for example, is a body-safe soy candle that you light to get an atmosphere going, then pour on your partner for a sensual massage once it’s all warm and melted – as your partner will be! 

All thrills and no frills

If you want to try a rabbit vibrator, check out the Better Love Rabbit Lily Vibrator, a toy with vibrating ears for teasing both sweet spots. You can use it solo or with a partner, bringing more intensity to your bedroom sexcapades. Bonus: it’s a great deal!

The ring of firepurple sex toy

If you haven’t brought penis rings into your sex life, now is the time! Even the simplest can aid in harder, longer-lasting erections, but you don’t have to go simple! There are some pretty exciting ones on the market, like the Lovehoney Bionic Bullet 5 Function Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring, which stretches to fit most sizes and has five vibrating levels to enhance sex for both partners. If you’re looking for something a little simpler, and less imposing, but still lovely and vibrate-y, check out the Halo by Bellesa.

The real thing

For those who appreciate realism in their sex toys, look beyond all those crazy dildos and check out the King Cock Extra Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo. Even better than the real thing?  

And don’t forget…

To keep things running smoothly, don’t forget the lubricant! And since it’s a special time of year, treat yourself to a fancy schmancy lube experience with one from Isabel Fay – they’re water-based and all-natural, and pair well with solo or partner play.

As we said at the beginning, the holiday season and pleasure have one big thing in common – both are all about giving AND receiving. And we’ll also say again, that there should be a healthy dose of niceness and naughtiness involved! So make your list and check it twice (using our handy guide), grab your favorite elf, and deck those halls – and let us know what’s on YOUR list this year!

Co-written by Joanna Bowling

Better With Age: How Seniors Are Spicing Up Sex!

As you age and your body changes, your sex life does as well. This does not mean that your sex life is no longer existent. A senior can still have a satisfying, healthy, and exciting sex life. Not only does it feel good, but it also has many health benefits such as a happier well being, sleeping better, and an improved self-esteem. Sex is an important aspect of life and

A healthy sex life is important, even as you get older. It makes your relationship stronger, and makes you happier.
A healthy sex life is important, even as you get older. It makes your relationship stronger, and makes you happier.

relationships. Just because you get older, does not mean sex will not be just as exciting and pleasurable. Find out some advice, toys, and different positions to try for more fun and pleasurable sex for both you and your partner.


As a woman ages, the natural lubrication your body produces decreases. Not to worry, you can purchase some water-based lubricant to apply. Water-based lubricants are usually made from aloe vera gel. They are gentle on the skin, safer, and slippery. This will help sex feel more pleasurable without worrying about any pain.

Different Positions

Bored from the same positions, or same places you have sex? Change it up! Experiment with different positions and places. Sex can be more difficult or slightly painful as you age because of arthritis and joint pain. But there are positions worth trying that can feel good without too much pressure on joint pain, and are different than your normal positions. Spooning sex is perfect for people with back and hip issues, bringing relief in more than one way. Standing sex can ease back and knee pain. Your partner can sit in a chair with you on top for deeper penetration that is satisfying for both parties. Not only can you try these different positions, but make things more exciting by doing it in different places. Get out of the bedroom and get feisty in other places. Sex after 60 can be exciting, just keep an open mind and try different things.

Experiment With Toys

Toys are fun, can aid in orgasms, and a healthier sex life. The use of sex toys are not just for young couples. You do not have to retire using them, just because you retired. Toys such as vibrators, cock rings, and anal beads will build different levels of arousal and stimulation. Cock rings can keep an erection going for longer, while providing extra stimulation for the woman. Do not be shy or feel guilty to invite toys into your bedroom. Toys can help you feel more aroused, stimulate, and assist with orgasms.

It is important to release any expectations of the world, and have fun.
It is important to forget any preconceived notions about sex and old age, and have fun. Enjoy your body together, and explore.

Remove All Expectations

Today’s culture puts a lot of pressure on women and men to look a certain way. As people age, especially women, feeling sexually attractive slowly diminishes. Free yourself and your partner from all the assumptions on what is considered desirable, how you should look, feel, or the sexual expectations. Have fun with each other and discover what feels good, without the pressure of society. Your body is beautiful and desirable no matter what your age.


No one knows your body, and what feels good better than you. Consider masturbation with your partner, because it can be fun and pleasing. Watching each other masturbate can bring on an erotic and closer feeling. It can help your partner feel more aroused, and end in better, stimulating sex.

Start Off The New Year Sexy

Whenever the new year rolls around, people focus on changing habits they do not like. People usually try to make resolutions towards a healthier lifestyle. What is mostly focused on is drinking less, spending less, losing weight, to stop smoking, or eat healthier. But what about the most important aspect of your life? No I am not talking about money, I am talking about sex! New year resolutions are about self-improvement, and your sex life can always improve towards more and better satisfaction. Put as much effort and time into your love life, if not more. A lot more O’s will leave you smiling and happier this year. So do not be afraid to make a resolution to be sexier this year, have more of it, and try new things!

If you are not sure where to start, then here are some suggestions.

Experiment With Toys

If you haven’t already, try adding a sex toy during sex this year. Incorporating sex toys into the bedroom can lead to greater sexual satisfaction and possibly more orgasms. You can try vibrators and/or other toys you and your partner may want to try. These toys can add some extra pleasure and excitement to your sex life.

Make it a goal to cuddle and spoon more with your partner this year.
Make it a goal to cuddle and spoon more with your partner this year. It can relieve stress.

Cuddle or Spoon

After sex, a lot of people turn over and go to sleep, especially if they are tired and have work the next day. This year, try to cuddle or spoon your partner after sex. Cuddling releases oxytocin which reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and increases happiness. It is a nonverbal way to say I love you and shows that you want to be close to them.

Buy More Lingerie

If you do not have any lingerie, get into one right away! As a female, once you slip into something sexy, you just automatically feel sexier. You and your partner will both love how they look.

Try New Positions

First thing we need to talk about is foreplay. Sexual intercourse is not enough for an orgasm sometimes, and a little foreplay can go a long way. Foreplay can be anything from sexy talk, to sensual touching. Now let’s talk about some new positions. Trying something new together can help you feel more connected to your partner. Do whatever you are both comfortable trying, no matter how small of a change it is. It can not only be satisfying sexually, but it can be fun.

This year try taking a dance class together. It can be salsa, tango, ballroom, etc.
This year try taking a dance class together. It can be salsa, tango, ballroom, etc. Something new like this can bring you together sensually.

Take a Sex Class or Dance Class

You can learn a lot from a sex class, such has how to give better oral pleasure to your partner. Do not be shy about it. There is nothing better than getting pleasure from seeing how much you sexually please your partner. Dance classes can give you more confidence in how you move. Take a swing or salsa class together.

Get It On More!

Make it a resolution to have sex with your partner more often. Try to have sex at least 3-4 nights a week. A lot of married couples are so tired from work and kids that they forget about their partners sexual needs, and their own needs. Make it your mission to have sex at least 3 nights a week. Try to get a quickie in the shower if you can. Make it exciting.

Remember to always talk with your partner about your needs and boundaries. Talk about the new things you would like to try, and where you want to be touched, licked, etc. This new year does not just have to only be about making changes to your spending habits, quitting something, or just your physical health. Improve your sexual health too.