FAQ (6)

  • What are my health insurance options?

    At EZ.Insure we have a wide range of products to fit every client’s needs. No plan is one size fit all so we make sure to have the most knowledgeable agents available to help you figure out which plan is best for you. Some of the plans we offer are:

    • Individual & Family Health Insurance
    • Short-Term Health Insurance
    • Student Health Insurance
    • Health Savings Accounts
  • How much does it cost to work with an EZ.Insure agent?

    Nothing! All of our services are free 100% of the time. We will help you with everything from basic questions, to picking a plan, signing up, and assistance after the plan is in place with no cost to you!

  • How do I know my personal information is safe?

    At EZ.Insure we use the top of the line privacy technology. We will never sell, trade, or give away your information to anyone except your ONE personal assistance Insurance agent assigned to you directly by us. Our Privacy Policy is available for you to read to ensure you trust us. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to contact us at replies@ez.insure.

  • Do you offer health insurance in my state?

    Yes! At EZ.Insure we have one of the largest networks of local health insurance agents waiting to assist you! When you give us your information we pair you with one of the most knowledgeable agents for your area!

  • Am I obligated to buy?

    Never! You can talk to an agent and get quotes with no pressure to buy until you are ready!

  • Why should I work with EZ.Insure?

    The agent we pair you with will have the ability to:

    Comparing Plans to find the one that fits your needs
    Helping you get insurance companies lower their prices to get your business
    Assist you through the Health Plan enrollment process
    Offering you support in the future with any Health Care issues you might encounter

    Our service is focused on the customer and making sure that you feel supported throughout your health plan shopping journey, not on making money off of your confusion.

    We offer instant results along with our custom service. As soon as you submit a form and reach out to us you will see a photograph of the agent we have chosen for you based on your needs, and you will have the ability to see online quotes that they offer instantly. Before you even speak to an agent you will know who they are, some of the companies they work directly with, and what some of the plan prices they offer are.

    That is the difference between us and the other guys. We want to help you, not use you to make a profit. If you put your trust in us we guarantee a smooth transaction with one of our agents, and the highest rate of savings on the market. There is no hassle, no obligation to buy, and no more headaches, all for FREE!