Enrolling in Medicare

In order to enroll in a Medicare supplement plan you must first already be enrolled in Medicare. Medicare is an insurance program that is offered by the federal government for anyone that is 65 or older. You can begin looking into plans and Medicare options when you are 64.5.

Once you have a Medicare plan you need to evaluate the coverage that the federal government gives you. While Medicare parts A & B offer coverage on some of the basic medical needs they do not cover everything. This is where a Medicare supplement plan comes in. Medicare Supplement plans can cover any gaps in insurance. This way if you need something that is not covered but Medicare your out of pocket costs of minimal, if any.

To enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan you have to speak to a private insurance agent. The federal government does not handle supplement plans. The first thing you should do is speak with an agent and go over your insurance needs. This will help them figure out what Medicare supplement plan is best for you. Different plans have different levels of coverage, to ensure that there is a plan for everyone, but you do not want to be stuck paying for things that you do not need.

You do have the option of shopping for a plan online on your own but this leaves you open to overpaying and missing coverage. The agents at EZ.Insure know the ins and outs of every Medicare Supplement plan on the market. Once you speak to them they will be able to assist you in finding the plan that fits you best, and finding the insurance company that can give you the best deal on that plan. Once you have decided that you have found the plan that fits you best our agents can help you with all the paper work involved with getting your Medicare Supplement Plan active. Working with an EZ.Insure agent also has the added benefit of being there for you even after you are enrolled. If you later have questions about anything on your plan, we are here to help!

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