Can Sexting Improve Your Marriage?

Based off personal experience, oh yeah! When you are married for a long time, a lot of your texts between your spouse become short, and based on important topics. These topics generally include dinner, plans, the kids, bills, or schedules. Life together is routine or hectic. Your body changes, and you feel a little less sexy than the beginning of your relationship. But there are ways to turn the heat up in your marriage, through sexting. Research has actually been proven that the more you sext with your spouse, the more likely you are to be sexually satisfied in you marriage. My husband and I send sexually explicit texts almost everyday, and it makes me feel good to know he still wants me

Sexting can be fun, sexy, and improve your marriage, as long as it is done right.
Sexting can be fun, sexy, and improve your marriage, as long as it is done right.

and my body. Even after having children, he loves me, all of me.

Doesn’t Have To Be Just Nudes

When a lot of people hear the word sexting, they automatically think of nudes. Send a racy picture of you in lingerie, or a body part without giving away all the goods. It can be a nearly-nude picture that will leave your spouse wanting more, and fantasizing about it all day. Send a picture of a specific lingerie that your husband would love to see on you later, and tell him you will put it on later. You can text your partner reminiscing about a hot sexual encounter with him from the past. Or you can simply describe what you’re wearing and tell them you are feeling hot and sexy, and wish they were there with you. It’s the perfect foreplay and segway for more.

Compliment With Words

Pictures are not the only way to stay connected to your spouse sexually. Compliment your spouse on their body or how they look that day. You can say they are handsome, looking extra delicious that day and can’t wait to be with them. Tease your partner with sensual words and make them feel good in the process. Make it flirty, sensual, and fun.

Timing Is Everything

Generally people do not want to receive a racy text or picture when they are in a meeting at work, or with a coworker over their shoulder when they open it. Make sure to communicate with your partner to make sure they are not too busy or around anyone. You can text a raunchy text while sitting right across from your spouse at the dinner table.It will have them racing to finish up the dishes and put the kids to bed.

Make Sure To Deliver After

Nothing is worse than teasing your partner, and then leaving them hanging afterwards. If you plan on sexting your spouse, be sure to deliver later. Not following through makes your partner less interested the next time you tried to sext them. They will be expected to only be disappointed after they get all hot and ready for you. Besides, the delivery is the best part!

Studies have shown that sexting in your marriage can increase your emotional intimacy.
Studies have shown that sexting in your marriage can increase your emotional intimacy.

More Emotional Intimacy

Studies have shown that when you sext with your partner, it creates a closer and more emotional intimate experience. Your connection with your partner will increase emotionally and sexually. How? Well good sex builds a stronger connection, and who doesn’t want both?

Increased Self-Esteem

Imagine sitting at home, researching something on the computer and you get a text from your husband. You assume it is a meme or asking what is for dinner. Then bam, after opening it up you see a sexy text! It makes a woman feel good to know that her husband is still interested in her, and wants her in more than one way. So you send a sexy text back, and even possibly a sexy pic. We all do it- posing over and over again, trying to find the right angle that makes us look good in a sexy picture. In the end, your spouse loves it and tells you what they want to do to you later. It makes you just feel wanted, and more confident. Sexting solidifies that you still want them and are thinking about them. Nothing better than feeling confident, while being wanted.

Make Sure To Protect Your Privacy

This is very important. You do not want the wrong person getting a text intended for your husband. You also want to make sure no one will be able to access your pictures or get uploaded anywhere by accident. Protect your privacy with a passcode, and make sure your pictures are in a hidden file where your kids or friends can’t see.

You can create a safe word, and know the when it is okay to send a sext to your spouse. When you do send it, it will feel like your own little secret between the two of you. It strengthens your bond, and shows that you care enough to try. After being married for so long, things can get boring. It is never too late to heat it up and make it exciting again. Sexting in your marriage leads to great sex, and opening up communication more, which has been shown to result in overall satisfaction in your relationship. It is a win, win for you and your partner.

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