Before Sex, Open Your Mouth

No strings attached, casual, marriage, and friends with benefits are just some of the labels we hear when it comes to relationships and sex. Defining a relationship and what you are looking for is important to your partner. Communication is key to not only express what you are looking for in a relationship, but also what you are looking for in a sexual partner. Whether you are in a long term relationship, or just a one night stand, there are some things to keep in mind for a healthy relationship and sex life.


This is probably the most important aspect in your life when it comes to relationships-whether professional, sexual, or love. Do not hold back expressing exactly what you are looking for, this way the two of you are always on the same page. If you are looking just for sex, let it be known, if you are looking for something more serious, say that from the very start. The person you are considering starting a sexual relationship with may have different ideas about where this relationship is heading and being on the same page is important before you have sex.

A lot of times you will hear that a friends with benefits or casual relationship goes sour because the other person begins to want more- and that’s okay. As long as you say that things have changed and you want more then let it be known, so you can move forward together or seek the serious relationship you desire elsewhere, as long as you are open and up front about your intentions and desires.

What’s most important is making your voice heard when it comes to sex. Talk to your partner about what you like, what you are not willing to do, and what feels good of course! Having a healthy sex life can boost your immune system, your confidence, and even your metabolism.

Practice Safe Sex

Whether you choose to have no strings attached sex, are in a relationship, or are married, safe sex is crucial. Did you know that one in two sexually active people will contract an STD by the age 25? The CDC estimates that nearly 20 million new STD infections occur every year in the U.S.

It’s a lot more to think about than just an infection that you can take antibiotics for and get rid of. STDs such as HIV and AIDS can kill you, and once contracted you have it for life. Practice safe sex and use a condom with people you have casual sex with in order to protect yourself.


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