Mindful Tips During The Holidays

While the holidays are a cheerful time with loved ones and filled with a lot of delicants, it is also a very busy and stressful time. It may be a busy time of year at work, and can get stressful running around shopping, and decorating. It is easy to forget to rest and focus on yourself so that things can be a little less hectic, and you can get through it all effortlessly. This is important for good mental and physical health, especially during a stressful time of the year.

Find Solitude

It is important to prepare yourself mentally, because it can become draining with all the socializing and running around. Adapting a morning routine will help you get focused and prepare for the day. Take a deep breath, and accomplish your routine to attain strength to tackle on the day.

Put down the electronics, and take the time to connect with family and friends this season.
Put down the electronics, and take the time to truly connect with family and friends this season.


Make the holidays a time to strengthen relationships with your family and friends. Tell someone why you are grateful for them. Take the time to connect with friends and family without interruption from TV, cell phones, tablets, or electronic devices.

Be Attentive

While it is easy to indulge in all the delicious food and treats during the holidays, take a minute to be mindful when eating. Ask yourself why you are eating, and take the time to enjoy your meal in moderation in order to keep your body and mind healthy, without thought of self-sabotage and guilt.


Take the time to relax, meditate, and reflect on yourself
Take the time to relax, meditate, and reflect on yourself and your blessings.

Take the time to think of accomplishments and people you appreciate. Reflect on the meaning of the holidays, whether it be religion, the meaning of love, or tradition. Do not get caught up in the need of perfection or expectations.

Relax and Treat Yourself

Remember to take care of yourself first, take the time to relax and mentally, emotionally, and physically take care of yourself. Hydrate and get a good amount of sleep to refresh. Try yoga or some form of exercise to relieve some stress and maintain good health.

You do not have to say yes to everything, remember to treat yourself too. Self-care is very important and can be something as simple as a bath or a meal. In order to give kindness and love, you must be kind and love yourself!

Taking care of yourself and practicing these tips every day will help you reduce stress and anxiety not only during the holidays, but every day.

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