Anal Sex: How To Go From Pain To Pleasure

So the time has come, the anal sex talk with your partner. Don’t panic, everyone dabbles with the idea of it. Anal sex has become a hot topic lately, and when you think about it, well it may hurt. Some people love it, and get a lot of stimulation and orgasms from it, while others can not imagine the act. If you are one of those people who are considering taking the plunge, then there are ways to handle it with care. It can be painful at first, but end up being

Anal sex can be very orgasmic, as long as you take your time.
Anal sex can be very orgasmic, as long as you take your time.

very satisfying. There are thousands of sensitive nerve endings around your anus that can give you pleasure. It can be fun, as long as you are up for it. First let’s learn how to properly prepare for anal sex.

Prepare Mentally

Just the thought of anal sex can be mentally exhausting and terrifying for some people. If you are one of these people, take some time to relax. Anal sex is not the same as vaginal sex, so take some time to relax before it happens. Take a relaxing bath and do whatever you have to do so you can prepare yourself.

Try It Out By Yourself/ Use Toys First

Before perfroming anal sex with your partner, it is important to start small. You can explore how it feels with fingers, or even toys such as a butt plug. Glide the toy around the opening and feel the sensation it provides. Foreplay with the anus during vaginal sex can feel good, and can be a great segway.

Lube Up!

This is probably the MOST important part of anal sex. A water-based lube will help with rubbing, massaging, and insertion into the anus. Water-based makes the experience more slippery than the other stuff that gunks up. The slippier, the better. Your butt is not as self-lubricating as your vagina is, so make sure you have plenty of lube, because you will use it in the beginning, and continue to use it throughout. Lube will make everything feel better, less painful, and safer for you.

Clean Up Beforehand

A lot of people’s first thought of anal sex is that it is dirty. Many think anal sex will end up messy. In order to prepare, take a shower or bath and make sure you clean up as much as possible. Use a towel underneath you, not because any stool will go everywhere, even though you may think that. The towel is more for all the lubricant you use so it does not get everywhere. Try not to eat anything that will upset your stomach beforehand. That will not make it a very good experience.

Start slow! Do not rush or jam anything in, or it will hurt really bad.
Start slow! Do not rush or jam anything in, or it will hurt really bad. Use lube and go slow and steady.


Never ever try to shove anything in, or attempt go fast. Try to relax and not tense up your muscles, because it will only cause pain. Start slow and penetrate slowly, that way it is less painful and you can get used to the feeling. Once you are used to it, and your muscles are relaxed, then consider going more little by little. Listen to your body and make sure you are comfortable with it. It is not a race, but rather to take your time and enjoy it as much as you can.

Positions That Help

When you think of anal sex, doggy position is probably your first thought for easy insertion. This is not the only way to have anal sex, and for your first time, it is not the best. Your partner can not see your face and gauge how you are feeling. There are other positions you can try, such as sitting on your partner’s lap, or spooning. Most experts actually recommend laying on your side and spooning for your first time. Move around and try different positions until you find one that makes you feel the best.

Make sure to keep an open communication with your partner about how you feel before sex, during, and after. Communicating can make a difference with the experience, and help you feel more at ease. Work together to make the whole experience a positive one, that hopefully feels good, and even better in time.

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