Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Medicare Budget

Medicare is a vital program for seniors when they turn 65. Medicare Part A and Part B covers doctor visits, hospitalization, lab tests, and more. However, since Medicare only covers a portion of these costs, the rest, which is typically 20%, is out of pocket. The costs can be overwhelming at times for a retired senior living on a fixed income, but there are ways to maximize your Medicare benefits.

Make sure you choose a doctor that works with your plan. Some offices cost more than others, and some only accept a certain percentage of benefits!

Choose the right doctor
Choosing a doctor that accepts Medicare assignment is important to save you money. If a doctor accepts Medicare assignment, it means that they accept the Medicare-approved amounts as full payment and you cannot be billed for more. Make sure to do some research on different doctors and make sure they accept Medicare, and are willing to educate you on what is covered and what is not so that you are not overcharged.

Understand your policy
Medicare covers skilled services such as nursing, speech therapy, and physical therapy, but there are guidelines to qualify first. In order to receive these services, you must be homebound, meaning you cannot leave your house without help, or cannot leave your house because of a medical condition. A lot of seniors will assume they are covered for these services, only to be left with a hefty bill in the end. Make sure to read your policy guidelines before assuming something is covered.

Look Into Medicare Advantage
Medicare does not cover prescription drug plans, and the cost of these plans can be very high. But Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, covers Medicare Part A, B,some plans cover vision, dental care, and have prescription drug options . One in three seniors are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage because they needed coverage for things like dental and prescription drugs, and these plans offer them more coverage with a better price than paying out of pocket.

Make Sure You Understand Your Plans Benefits

Review your Quarterly Summary
Your quarterly Medicare summary shows services and supplies that are billed to Medicare. This summary will also show if any claims are denied, and if so it is important to call the provider of the denied claim. If you believe that the claim is unjust, you can appeal the denial of the claim by following the guidelines on the last page of the summary. For example, when admitted into the hospital, you will receive a notice that gives you your Medicare rights. If you feel that you are being discharged too soon, then you can request to appeal the decision, and to get a review of your case.

Utilize Your Hospice Benefits
Many seniors are unaware that if you are expected to live 6 months or less, Medicare will cover your hospice care. The hospice benefit will provide care in your home, not necessarily for treatments for curing an illness. The benefits are meant to have you live in the comfort of your home and receive drugs to control symptoms, relieve pain, and give your family caregivers a break. Utilizing this care can help you meet your medical needs and expand your life expectancy.

Use Your Preventative Care
Medicare offers many free screenings and yearly wellness visits at no cost to you. These free preventive measures are important to catch a serious illness or injury early. The screenings can be for depression, cardiovascular disease, and more. Free counseling sessions for tobacco use and for alcohol abuse are offered, as well as free vaccines for the flu and pneumonia. Utilizing these freebies can help doctors find a major issue before it progresses, and maintain your health.

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